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Rest Days

Rest Days

Hello, last week or so I posted for the first time, and thanks to all who responded, but I asked a question that I never got input on and I’d like to ask it again.

I PE at work, also my only internet connection, and last week I took a couple of days off, only allowing me to PE only three (instead of five) days before resting for two. For the last couple of weeks my schedule looked like this. Starting on a monday.

5 days PE, 2 Rest (Normal routine which I have followed since starting PE)
5 days PE, 4 Rest (Mon-Fri PE, Sat-Tues off work and no PE)
3 days PE, 2 Rest (Wed-Fri PE, Sat, Sun Rest)
1 day PE, 1 stretch and “Lig Pop” adding 1/4 gain.

I’ve gained a little gradually but this is by far the mosy notable and sizeable gain. I am wondering if the extra days rest had anything to do with it. Any opinions? Thanks

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It could well be.

In the PE universe the laws of human biology don’t seem to apply according to most PE’ers (ie rest isn’t required for gains). Guys like DLD have gained ridiculous amounts even when on 7 days on 0 days off.

Personally I got my best gains when doing 5 on, 2 off.

I think the idea in a strange way is that by not letting the penis heal we constantly inflate the cells, and when they don’t get a chance to heal, they inflate from the last state of inflation (the last workout).

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