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Rest days?

Rest days?

I am getting some decent results from all this but I am still a relative beginner. I have a question which may seem a little dumb but I’ll ask it anyway. I do a jelq/horse/jai stretch/Uli combination every other day. I found that I had some problems with my erections when I did it ever day - it seemed that everything was “too tired”…

Anyway, when I began the one day on - one day off regime, everything went much better and I am getting rock hard erections again.

The thing is, I was thinking that I could do the jai stretches everyday as stretching is not of the same nature as the rest of the exercises…is this correct thinking?

I get the impression that the ligs etc would benifit from not having a long rest period between sessions. Right?

By the way, the horse/uli really thickens the penis up - I can recommend them as I only started them a few weeks ago and am noticably thicker already.


P.S. Great site…almost like a penile “dream come true”

I’m surprised you received no answer to this - remember that PE is not (yet) an exact science, but your assumptions follow pretty much what has been learnt over the last few years. However, rest is important for growth.


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