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Progress after a year or longer off?

Thanks for the update MX. I am doing some reading on the deconditioning concept and am very interested in your findings. I have been off for nearly 2 months. I am a hard gainer for sure. I sure like to get some benefit for all the time and effort I have put out. I really got to figure out this magic bullet.



TrackHalf - PE and “Permanence”:

Originally Posted by TrackHalf
I PE’d in the early 90s for a couple of years and went from NBPEL 5.7 EG 4.75 to 6.0 x 5.5. I quit for a decade, and started up again recently at the same dimensions I quit with. In the last few months I’ve gained 0.75 in length, and am pushing 5.75 in girth. Note that I lost NO length and NO girth in about a decade of layoff. I never did pumping, and I never did a scheduled regime; I’d say that my PE back then was no more than twice a week, and short sessions at that.

Same for me: I may count myself to those who have had a looong time off.

Started PE summer 2002 with the basic newbie routine: stretch & jelq, 1h/day, 5on 2off. This got me from 5.9” to 6.8”

I passed some years abroad without any PE, until summer 2005. My length gains were cemented (didn’t measure girth, but I think it just stayed proportional to length). Summer 05 I got back into PE, and started an experimental phase first with ADS + jelq with little to no stretching, then pumping. I didn’t make any gains til Jan 06, when I noticed the outcome of concentrated and intensive manual stretching. This brought me another 0,25” within about 2 month, but with it discoloration and heavy bruising. I started hanging, but I’d actually like to pass more time on PE, doing at least 4 sets hanging and 40 mins manual stretching a day. I think my ligs respond more to short-time high-level stretch, my skin however can’t take too much of it.




I just restarted PE after a somewhat unintentional year off.

I will never become as fanatic as I was the last months I was actively PE`ing. The reason I restarted was that I believe I can get some great gains with a minimal effort. Right now I`m just jelqing, but I plan to incorporate stretching soon. 2 days ON/1 OFF. Starting on week 4 now, 15 minutes jelqing.

I have not measured yet, but I know that I have gained already. My penis feels remarkably bigger girthwise already.

Regarding the year off, I kept my length, but I lost some girth. I have never been good enough concerning the measuring so I don`t know how much. When I quit PE my length was 16,5 cm BPEL even though I was 17,5 cm at the biggest.

I will post results when I measure.

And I want to second Shiver on what he says about newbies wanting to skip the newbie routine. Many newbies like me do not realize that the golden opportunity for gains is to stick to the basic and easy stuff as long as it works. Personally I had some newbie gains but I started hanging far too early. In the end I had to be honest with myself and realize that I really didn`t have the time to hang.

So newbies, stick with the simple and easy stuff!:-)

I’m coming back from a long break—almost two years. Over this time I lost maybe a half inch of length gains. I am happy to say that I gained back all I lost in a couple weeks. Part of this gain may be due to improved erection quality. I restarted my program in January 2006.

I am a firm believer that less is more. My routine been only 5 min of stretching and 5 min of jelqing for 2 days on 1 day off. Today I measured and I have gained a quarter of an inch after 2 months of PE. I’ve been PEing long enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t. Routines like Bib’s and DLD’s are rubbish for guys like me. I’ve done the 6 on 1 off routines, “shock” routines, three hour marathon sesssions and they’ve done nothing but leave me with cold, shriveled, discolored penis. As soon as I hit a plateau I am going to give it a rest for a month or two.

This is a great thread and I hope many others read it. I have been PE’ing seriously for almost a year now, and probably about a year of not so serious (what I consider not being a member of Thundersplace :) ). I feel as though I have really hit a platue over the past few months; however, the clamping I’ve added has been helping with the girth goal I want. I plan on taking about 1 to 2 months of come March 14 2006. I really think this will help me out a bit but I will probably only start with 6 weeks off as I fear losing all my gains. When you guys are taking your deconditioning breaks do you even kegel? I can’t imagine going a week without even stretching.

During my break I did no PE whatsoever. Although maybe once a month I’d do a manual stretch for a minute or two. Footeddie, it sounds like you might benefit from a break. I doubt you’ll lose your gains in six weeks and even if you did you’d probably gain them back plus more.

That’s what I’m hoping for. March 10th is my break. We’ll see how I am doing come may. I don’t like to use the word deconditioning and I do prefer the word break. Deconditioning sounds like you still do some kind of PE at a less intense level IMO.

I’m actually thinking about taking off even sooner for all of march, say starting February 28th. I’ll do this if I don’t see any more gains with clamping come that date. I think even with the clamping my guy may be tired from over a year + of PE with no breaks.

How do you guys feel about deconditioning on length or girth? When you say taking a deconditioning break do you mean no PE work whatsoever? Right now, I’m “deconditioning” in a way, since I found my length gains to have stalled. I used to hang 10 hours a week, but now I’m doing no length work at all, and only 45-60 min. Of jelqs instead. I’m doing them as a girth workout, since I’ve gained very little in that department. Do you think this will properly decondition my penis for length gains, or do I need to avoid all PE work entirely to decondition?

Update: Following a decon break from 10/15/05 to 01/01/06, six weeks of girth-focused work yielded 0.125” BPEL and 0.25” EG. I’m now on decon until 04/15/06. Hopefully my next round of PE will be my last.

To those that asked, I don’t do anything on decon breaks. No PE, no kegels, no cockrings during sex.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

GJ MX, that’s some pretty crazy gaining for just 6 weeks.

This is really very interesting. I am new to this site, but not new to PE. I will post some pics soon, I am starting to PE again. I belonged to a support site years ago and it just fizzled out. Long after that I quit because of privacy ( not from my wife but from my kids knocking on doors). I am about 6 5/8” EL and 5.0 EG now. I lost about a 1/2” inch since then. My girth stayed the same. Although, I must say, this is a great sit since the other site didn’t offer as much advice as this. Are my gains going to take longer because of my layoff?

Originally Posted by footeddie

GJ MX, that’s some pretty crazy gaining for just 6 weeks.

Shiver and Xenolith are also putting up similar numbers with smart, minimalistic routines plus decon breaks. Given the return on time, I don’t understand why more guys aren’t at least trying it.

Started: 2/03, Finished: 5/06, Total Gains: 1.375” BPEL 1.5” EG, Details: Progress after a year or longer off?

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible—M. C. Escher

I have been having almost a kind of disinterested approach after restarting PE. I do my PE but I never think about it during my time off. This is completely different to what it was back when I started.

Anyway, my dick have been feeling bigger so I felt like measuring today.

BPEL: 17,0 cm. That is an 0,5 cm gain in less than four weeks. Mind you, at the peak of my PE I was almost 17,5 cm, but the last months of active PE I was no more than 16,5 cm. 17,5 was a result of very intense stretching which I lost pretty fast even though I didn`t take time off.

I`m still on the newbie routine but have increased jelqing to 15 minutes per session. NO STRETCHING YET. I plan to introduce stretching when I reach 17,5 cm.

As for girth I haven`t measured yet but it is no doubt bigger.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Theoretically, we really can’t keep returning to a true newbie state - or the inference would be “unlimited gains potential.” But we can come close to mimicking a newbie state after a lengthy break. However, after repeated breaks/resumptions of training, I feel that we come subsequently further away from a newbie state each time. I believe that what is changing is the elasticity of our tissues; over time, PE results in less and less elasticity. And this is not only the connective tissues but the CC/CS as well.

Interesting thought. I wonder then, are showers more “elastic” then growers?

If so, and if what you are saying is true, then one can assume that showers would gain more than growers.

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