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Progress after a year or longer off?

Originally Posted by Walter5169
MX is definitely an interesting member, he made tremendous gains with minimal effort.
In his later career he did PE one day on one/two days off (3 days a week), for 6 weeks or so and then took 2-3 months off.

Definitely, bad thing he isn’t around for more than 3 years.

Would like to know how he proceeded on the first week, after that long break. Did he started up slowly or just jumped to the real deal?

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Just like MX, I am planning on sharing my experience with the decons and the resulting gains here..

As of now, April 2016, I am in my 1 month decon break, from 1.Apr to 1.May.

My guesstimate is that I will be gaining for 2-3 months (initially, I gained for 2 months).
On top of that, I will do about 1 additional month of exercising just for a little-cementing effect and then proceed
To take off an entire month.

It could look like this, assuming I gain for 2 months (its a dynamic schedule):
April (now): Break
May: Gains
June: Gains
July: Stall; still continue until end of July
August: Break
September: Gains
That’s the macro level schedule.

The micro level schedule:
2 on, 1 off,
2 on, 1 off,
2 on, 2 off!
~ 10 day cycle ~
Measuring at the end of each = 3 times a month.

Also: Short, low intensity exercising (5 min stretching + 10 min wet jelqing + 5 min wet v-jelqing [+20-30 min edging, no release]).

On my following posts, I will link to this post so people can look up what exactly I did!
Therefore, lengthy post!

Best regards!
PS: PE & you lot rock!
Went from 6.5 x 5.5 to 7.75 x 5.5 (with my current NBPEL 6.89 already exceeding my initial BPEL)!


I would love to hear your results after you start back for a few weeks. My gains have seem to come after I take involuntary breaks from PE (due to schedule; or lack of privacy).

So I have been off and on the PE scene since 2009 with no real gains. I have not been doing PE for about a year and some change. I decided to get back into it and decided this time to do it right this time. My stats now are 6.7 BPEL and 5.5 EG. I will give it a month and re-measure to see if the long rest period put me back in the beginner gains situation. During my long rest period I don’t believe I lost any previous gains. Back in 2009 I gained 1/4 inch in length no real girth gains.. Since then I haven’t gained. Again I was off and on so my time with no gains I contribute to my “flaky PE practices”. I do believe PE works and will try to be religious with my workouts. Ill either post again here or start a new thread.

My routine will be the newbie routine.

Originally Posted by Useless
Did he started up slowly or just jumped to the real deal?

IPR principles were used.


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

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This is the first update since I started back at PE. So far I have been doing good to stay consistent (even during the holiday). I am noticing that I hang “heavier” while flacid and that my EQ has improved, since starting PE again I believe I only woke up once without a morning wood. I did have a little discomfort at the base of my shaft the first week but nothing big. I have also hit the gym everyday of the week except weekends and cleaned up my diet a lot. I measured with the same measuring tape as before and now show a BPEL of 7.1 (my starting stat was 6.7) the EG has stayed the same but I do feel “harder”. Its very exciting but I am reluctant to call this a gain due to the short period of time and uncertain how much of this is due to the improved EQ. My routine is a simpler version of the newbie, I heat up with hot shower water and manual stretch all directions for 30 second holds (down, down left, down right, left, right, up and straight out) 2 to 3 sets each depending on fatigue and skin “soreness”. Also I do a bit of dry jelqs (I do these till I get fatigued. No real number) I also throw in a squeeze or two. I would like to hear from some of y’all in regards to time I should wait until incorporating more advanced stretches. I feel as though since I am seeing some growth that I should try and confuse my dick by throwing in some different exercises.


Well it has been a month since I started back up. I have been alright with consistency but I did miss a day (typical weekend booze fest), I tried to follow the 2 on 1 off newbie routine. So far I haven’t made anymore gains since my last post. I have really been focusing on my unit when I stretch trying to imagine the inner penis and getting really good stretches so I know gains are coming. I feel as if I am making some really good progress. I still would love to hear about what you guys think about starting v stretches or maybe clamping (keep in mind I have only been doing the newbie since I started again).



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