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Pragmatic PE - Fowfers and thoughts


Originally Posted by Big Girtha
“If you get pain, you have pulled way to hard (as in ties the penis to a truck bumper and has the driver floor it).”

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Now why didn’t I think of that? ;)


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Originally Posted by kristian69

After reading a lot here I have found that there is a few different theories on how to grow your penis:

Stretching the ligaments: This will basicly have the same effect as PE surgery, It will make the penis exit point lower on your body, So that your penis will be longer when it is at a straigth out angle, But it will not look longer when standing straigth up.

Pulling out more penis: This is supposed to be easyer when the ligaments is stretched, And no longer holding the inner penis in place inside your body. You pull out more of the hidden inner penis.

Microtears: When you do your PE excercises you create microtears (like when bodybuilding/weigth lifting), The body will then repair itself (the penis), And make it stronger/thicker/bigger.

Cell growth: This is the theory behind the extenders, If you apply constant stress to a body part, The body will try to adapt to the stress, And produce more cells in the area (make it longer/thicker).

The ballon: The penis is like a ballon that fills with blood, If you stretch the ballon to a bigger than normal size, Then it will be able to contain more blood during a normal erection.

I do not know for a fact witch of these theories are correct, But I think that more than one of them is.

I think that it would be wrong to state that “you do not need extenders, ADS, fowers, etc”

I actually belive that more than one of these theories is the cause of my gains.

That was a good post by kristian.

Adding to it. Correct me if I state something inaccurately:

We know ligaments can be stretched, afterall, it occurs in sports. The main question is how much will the ligs stretch for PE. It’s thought the maximum length gain from ligs alone may only be 1/2”. It’s also thought it can be as much as 1 1/2”.

Pulling out more penis. Appears to be a definite. Hangers time and time again report girth gains from hanging, especially noticeable at the base. Also, the hair runs up higher on the shaft. What’s the limit?

Microtears. The leading theory and has received much study at Thunders.

Cell growth. Many believe this theory can co-exist with microtears. Cell growth isn’t generally thought to be as productive as microtears, but there are some that disagree with that viewpoint.

The balloon theory appears to have some logic behind it concerning the blood vessels and skin. However, the balloon analogy is considered a bad comparison since the CC and CS are also involved.

Like kristian said, it seems a reasonable possibility that all/most of the above actions are occurring. So this is why I believe Shilow shouldn’t be so adamant that there can only be very limited gains. There are reasonable theories that say possibly otherwise, and there are very trusted vets like Dino and BG that state otherwise. Some newbies especially may take Shilow too seriously, since he is so adamant about it, and has not only posted it in this thread, but in other threads also.

Shilow, I do have to hand it to you in that you will say what you believe about PE even though many are opposing you, at a PE forum. You clearly aren’t worried about any popularity contests, as you shouldn’t be. I’m all for you in that regard. I’m not one of the who’s who in popularity myself here. However, you have your mind made up even though there is good reason to believe you are mistaken, and I can’t go along with you there.

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I blow no smoke except on the peace pipe. My penis is unrecognizable from its former self, so I am not here to discourage anyone about “making it big.” We just have some disagreements, the penis has “built-in capacity,” that cannot be exploited under our weak existing erectile circulatory system, the process of PE improves that system and results in a larger erect phallus.

My new size was always there it just had not been exploited. Genetics will play a role in just how much additional capacity is there to exploit, some have more than others and some have none at all. We have not made our penis’ larger (the physical appendage), we have only conditioned and weakened critical areas that allow for greater expansion. Greater expansion is achieved by primarily the volume of blood.

So, it is infrastructural changes primarily that result in bigger boners. Arteriole tissue and unused space in our CC CS can be exploited to hold and bring increased amounts of blood.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there are many diverse paths to a larger phallus, I am not opposed to people using their freewill to go down these paths. I just try to steer people in the best direction, PE just aint that complicated and at this point the subject has more “questionable attacks” than efficacious approaches.

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Shilow if you seen pics before and after. I mean tunica itself does get bigger. My 2 cents

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I love fowfers and I have gained in length doing them.


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