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Powerjelq users......What works for you?

Powerjelq users......What works for you?

Since I am sure we have plenty of powerjelq users aboard,then it would be great for fellow users to post what they have found works for them.

For instance,what position(standing, sitting ETC) works best for you?

What time slot do you use per stroke
(2 sec,10 sec ETC)

What Warmup gives you the greatest pump(Warm water,rice sock ETC)

Or anything else that you want to add.

My experience…..
I have not been using the PJ long,but I do have a tip that worked for me.When I first got the PJ,it was hard to keep a reasonable amount of blood in the shaft,while standing.I have used the Pj atleast 15 times now,though not all was a full workout,just little experiments.I found a tip somewhere the mentioned sitting on your knees helps keep the blood in,so I tried it,yes it does work.BUT I found that since I have been doing this,I can now keep blood in longer while standing too,almost like my D*ck has been trained to keep the blood in longer.
I found that I can jelq faster while standing,so I do long and fast jelqing,and being able to stand while jelqing with the PJ,helps.

How does one sit on one’s knees?????? Really like to know.


It seems that you are serious,so I will take it that way.

You dont sit on your knees,you get on your knees,just like a female would if she’s about to give you a bj.

Just got my PJ today! Assembled it and fooled around half assed. Just seeing how it would work. No real exercising to it, just a few swipes of theory to it. Anyhow, it don’t work well on me without some type of lube. That is a most from what I gathered today! Definite learning curve on this one and then some!

Have you thoroughly read the routines section at:

There may be some information that will save you a lot of time in getting used to the device.

Best of luck,

Thanks Rob!

I skimmed over it previously, but before i saw this i went back and forth to your site and religiouly read the procedure.

I was just screwing around with it seeing how it would swipe like 3 or four times tops. Trying to understand the mechanics of it. It wasn’t too serious an attempt at anything by far.

Is there any lube that doesn’t go well with it? Anything to avoid? Like would cause it to rust or fall apart? Or the rollers to break down?

How hard do you squeeze?

Sounds like a redundant newbie question (I know) but, when you squeeze hard where you would think that you were forcing enough blood forward it causes pain in the eurethra. I will say this I only have the jar lifter tongs without any foam on the rollers. I’m guessing that the foam should disperse the force on the eurethra since its a larger surface area? When streaching with a PJ or a variant is it correct to assume one should grab verticaly to replicate a manual streach grab.


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