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Positioning legs when PE-ing

Positioning legs when PE-ing

I was trying to find out how to increase my blood flow to just my Corp. Cavernosa. Because I have a balance between all three chambers in diameter. To be really big and long I believe one needs to have larger C.Cav. than Corp. spongiosum. Take for example the monsters guy, his spongiosum is 1/3rd the size of one of the two corp. cavernosa he has. So to line up the same way he screws you hold your legs out wide. So I thought why not get the stretch that you see the karate guys use in the horse stance, (and stretching machines), and go low and wide with your thighs parallel to the floor . Thereby aligning the arteries of the cavernosium and tightening the spongiosum arterial flow. So I tried it in a pumping session and it worked great! With my knees as wide as I could go and my thighs parallel and hips forward I got the best pump of my life. I hope it wasn’t a fluke just for me. Someone else please try this and respond back. Thanks Thunder for loving your fellow man enough to start the forum, the opinions here are like gold to me.


I’ve been doing deep bends very similar to what you’re describing here, but in conjunction with my lazy ass streches with great success. I grab my flaccid penis with both hands and stretch it back between my legs and up my behind as far as it will reach. Then pulling hard with both hands I do a series of bends very similar to what you have described. I get a great stretch and have reached temporary lengths of between 14” and 15”.

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