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pj and squeeze jelq

pj and squeeze jelq

I am feeling sort of lost here. I got on what I thought was a good routine and found out it wasnt right for length gains. Since I have been told to jelq for 30 minutes every day and stretch before and after. I did it for 20 and wanst getting anythng out of it!!! this has never happened before but I think it was cause I kept getting limp and couldnt maintain the 65% erection suggested. SO I am wondering if anyone has had any experience in gains with squeeze jelquing which seems to work better for me since I can just hold the blood where it needs to be by shuting off outflow at the base. I have only tried it for a few minutes so I didnt get much from it. I would also like to gain girth at the same time , goals are 1 inch in both directions. Finally in a last ditch effort I will spend some money on a power jelqer just wanted to get some opinions. thanks hope someone can help.


thanks. got any experience with squeeze jelqing?

I dont have any personal experience with these “squeeze jelqs” they sound good…but, I DO do the Horse Squeezes (look around here and you’ll find the post) and those are great. I personally prefer squeeze type exercises where you can trap the blood. Less time spent getting that erection level back up like with jelquing….jelq, jelq, jelq, jelq, oh ok time to stop and get back to 80% or more….

It is annoying when you constantly have to stop jelqing to conjure up more blood into the old boy.

here here!

I use the PJ, pretty satisfied. Beat’s manual jelq and not as messy. I PJ dry, sometimes a little powder. I blew up 2 roller’s in the first month (they split right in half), but have overcome that. Still working on the tapered aluminum rollers, to keep the dick from squirting off to either side.

On the blood issue, I have trouble getting too stiff during my routine. Once I get him 50-65% full, I can feel the tissues start to get harder. I have to stop and let the boner subside until the tissue softens enough to proceed. It’s kind of a fine line, I know my dick needs to be almost erect, yet pliable enough that I can pump up the chambers. If your pulling on a hard on, I don’t think it’s going to achieve any goals. It has to fluff up, to get any results. Just part of mastering my member. After all, I need to be the one in control of things. My .02

"If you build it, they will come".

I have problems staying at 65, but I have found that if you squeeze the head of the penis when you start getting hard it will shrink back down.

It's still not big enough!


with regards to keeping it up, I find that having sexual thoughts as if I am masturbating helps, although it makes it hard to keep my mind on the exercise, just a thought!!

Regards Rolo

I was wondering if it is bad practice or dangerous to wet jelqe whilst wearing a cock ring? Anyone know or tried this?

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