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Jelq Squeeze

Jelq Squeeze

i have a question about the “Jelq Squeeze”.
First,my english is not no good,im from Germany,excuse me please.
Second im new.

1.I want to know, if i do the “Jelq Squeeze” right.
I make an errection 60-80 percent.
Then i squeeze off(i hope this is the right word)my penis at his base,down as possible.
After this,i do jelqing for 5 Minutes.This five minutes, i squeeze off the penis.After the five minutes- after the jelqing- i make a break for ca. 1 minute.
After the break, i start again squeezing off and jelqing for five minutes.
My complete work out is 30 Minutes with this Jelq Squeeze

Is this ok or have i something forgotten?

2. Is Jelq Squeeze effective or is there a better jelq method?
Are some people in this forum who make the Jelq Squeeze and have won some lenght in errect stadium?


First, welcome to Thunders! We are glad you are here.

Second, one of the guys will be along to answer your questions. Since I don’t own a penis, I am not the one who would know this sort of thing. I am not familiar with the technique you are mentioning, I do understand the jelq and have helped my boy friend with it.

Third, may your stay here at Thunders be long and productive :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hi, I’m a newbie to and think after only about 9 days I have got a great routine. So much so I’m not getting blood spots etc anymore. I guess everyone is different but my routine consists of this. 5 min warm up, no stretches as when wet jelqin I stretch. Vaseline the shaft, OK grip at base and nice tight pull up the shaft around 3 seconds. Before you reach the top place other OK grip around base and at the same time do a Kegle to pump more blood into shaft. I do this for around 200 reps. If like some the skin at top of sack gets caught in grip turn hands around so palms are on top of shaft, feels nice to. I swap my hold between the grips some palm up then palm down. The head really swells up big. I’ve measured with the blood trapped in a 7” around head on my unit. In just as short time I’m amazed at my results! My length is 7” and I’m going for girth, 7” is my aim.
Can someone please answer this, why on the top of the stroke do you stop st the head? What happens if you carry over to the end?

Many thanks
Ps.. I have some very good photos of before and after.

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