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Penis Health

Penis Health

I just saw an ad for this site called “Penis Health”….they make
some pretty wild claims. Does anyone have any info on this site?
Or is it all the same old BS.

Thanks guys


In a word...

BULLSHIT! You don’t need to pay for this information. We know about the “Penis Health” site here and also about Darren (the owner). If you stick around and browse, you’ll notice that he is an ex-member, banned for his shameless bullshit approach in trying to market his website, which is nothing new. Some here have been there and seen it all. Yes, he’s good at advertising on the lead-in page, but it’s just that and nothing more. Don’t waste your money there. It’s all here and a few other FREE (for real:) ) sites. This is IMO the best site for PE and PE related stuff, don’t lose the addy. If you feel you must pay someone, donate to Thunder’s Place for upkeep if you can. Either way your’re always welcome and do browse, read, and learn. There’s alot here and always gettin’ better. Good luck. groa.

Welcome Gunslinger!

Same old, same old ……. there’s nothing there that you can’t get here (except the vids) - for free! Strange as it may seem, a lot of the pay sites actually get their info from places like this one and sometimes they don’t even have the courtesy to credit or to even rewrite what they have stolen. :mad:

For a list of genuine free sites go to the Polls forum and click the top one - Favorite Free Sites. You’ll find a list there and you can click on anyone of them to be taken to that site. It’s all there for free. (don’t forget to vote!:) )

As to their claims “Over 96% or our members have experienced a gain of 1” within 3-6 weeks.” I’ll lay money down that you’ll be one of the 4% that don’t gain your inch in 6 weeks. Enticing claims like these are proffered only as a way to make money and the 4% failure rate is their convenient disclaimer.

If you read through the posts here you will find a lot of success stories but they take time - there is no quick route. Sure, there will be some guys who do claim to gain an inch in 6 weeks but these are not the majority (probably close to 4%!) The rest of us gain over time - but we do gain :)

Save your money!

lil1 :littleguy

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Check out this thread about Darren Beale and (and it’s many aliases) in the REVIEWS section


There might be other threads on that site in the reviews section as well. Everything you find there you can probably get for free elsewhere (ie., here). I promise you that he isn’t nearly as knowledgable as most of the posters here.

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