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Penile blood flow


Penile blood flow

Why the concern with blood flow?

Several recent threads… One Two Three …make the assumption that guys with small dicks have bad blood flow. Where’s this idea coming from? Why do you folks think you need to increase the blood flow to your dick in order to make it bigger?

Poor blood flow can be a real problem, especially in men with erectile dysfunction. But is it really that big a problem here for guys trying to make their dicks bigger? How do you know it’s the cause of your troubles? How do you know increasing it will help?

Also, the “solutions” to this supposed blood flow problem tend to concentrate on skin massage with oils or Tantric techniques. These things may temporarily increase surface (skin) blood flow, but based on the physiology I have studied I don’t see how they can make any changes in your internal arteries or veins.

Please discuss…

Hold on there westla,
Your 3 references are not relating to the same topic. The first is a snake oil treatment that draws guys in with the usual bogus promises. The second is an injury, where the guy is just looking for something to do while healing, and the third relates to testicle massage for overall testicle health.

Blood flow, of course, is key to getting and maintaining an erection. The source of this blood flow is the internal pump, or bc muscle that you so eloquently describe. Keeping this muscle fit is key in supplying blood to the penis.

The second most important key is the penile chamber itself. For this chamber, the jelq is one of the best exercises available to stimulate blood flow and expand erectile tissues.

I think we all agree, blood flow is what makes an erection happen, and a healthy internal supply system is key to rock hard erections.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

The three threads do have different original topics, but blood flow is the common “problem” that’s looking for a solution. They are only three recent threads. I could dig up others, but these were easy to include. Disregard them is you want and concentrate on why some here think they have poor blood flow when a small penis, not erectile dysfunction, is the problem.

The BC muscle has nothing to do with blood flow. It squeezes on a chamber that has blood in it, but does not regulate the flow of blood into it. The source of blood to the penis are a few arteries that flow into the CS and CC.

Jelqing puts pressure on the tunica which causes the tissues to respond by growing extra cells, thus enlarging the chamber. It also puts a lot of pressure on the surface veins causing them to become enlarged. Blood flow is not increased by jelqing.

Westla, I generally agree with what you’re saying. A healthy, naturally small dick isn’t going to get bigger merely by increasing the supply of blood.

However, if blood flow has diminished to the point that is insufficient to sustain a rock hard erection, increasing it will allow the penis to attain its existing maximum size. Jelqing seems to be helpful. Here is an interesting post by Bib.

What about BTB jelqing Westla?

Some people believe that increasing bloodflow to the penis will allow you to realise gains faster.

All I know is that when I started PE I had good erections (just check my first posts in my log) and now they´re ok but need improving.

I sometimes wonder whether I have enlarged my unit and not provided additional bloodflow.

I´m hoping BTB jelqing will restore my rock hard erections.

I have a related question. I’ve read almost every single post here but there seems to be little about the correllation of overall health and gains (and penile bloodflow, healthyness). It may be that some of the hard gainers share some similar situations - some ED, low T levels, not much exercise, etc. As for myself, I’ve not had sex for over a decade - and while
I have morning erections and such, it might have affected the organ somehow, by it not being “used” for so long. It might be that fixing whatever health deficiecies there are and then starting PE could result in less difference between hard and fast gainers. While some things might be obvious, like penile bloodflow, some other things might not be, and makes me curious.


ICM said “I sometimes wonder whether I have enlarged my unit and not provided additional bloodflow.”

I totally agree with this. It would seem to be common sense that if you increase the capacity of your penis but not the blood flow then your erections will not be as hard.

westla90069 - do you think that the best way to have a good blood flow to the penis is to just be physically fit and healthy ?

Originally posted by ghostfacekillah
westla90069 - do you think that the best way to have a good blood flow to the penis is to just be physically fit and healthy ?

I know this was not directed at me but I did read that (for example) doing a set of squats will increase the bloodflow to your pubic region.

I fully believe that having a healthy heart and muscles would benefit you greatly, and that is why I´m doing more exercise (one of the reasons, others include that I want 0.5” off my fat pad).

I think this post it’s very interesting,because I’d like to know exactly how to behave in the world of PE.
I saw this site for the first time about 4 months ago, but I haven’t started a real program yet. I tried to do the newbie routine for about two weeks but I gave up early because I realised that I wasn’t too sure of what I was doing.
Of course I want to increase my size but I’m scared of the possibility to lose a rock hard erection.
I believed that PC muscle could improve the blood flow, but after this post I’m a little confused.
So I want to ask wrestla a physiological question. Do you think there is a way to improve the blood pressure in our penile arteries?
I thought about some exercise, squat as suggested by ICM, or exercises directed to the rectum abdominal. Do you think it could be a good idea? or is there something better?

Bye guys!

Thanks for the reply ICM.

I’m also doing more exercise in recent months - not because I’m overweight - but rather the opposite. My body has never really put on fat or much muscle so I’m quite skinny. But I eat at least as much(if not more) as many of my friends who are overweight, although I have a much better diet over the last year. I’m lucky to still hold this virtue at 20.

I’d heard about squats in this forum and have been meaning to incorporate them into my exercise routine for a while now. I’m currently concentrating more on cardiovascular fitness (with swimming, boxing etc.) and endurance (via mountain climbing). I will add weights in again over the next fortnight and see if I can gain some muscle. I’ll never be an Arnold Schwarzenegger but a Bruce Lee would be nice. ; )

When I posted above it was just to help out the argument. I have not actually experienced weaker erections myself (been PEing seriously for about 3 months). I fully recommend you restart the newbie routine. Just take things easy, listen to your body and ask questions if something feels wrong.

I think some of you guys are missing westla’s point. Blood flow is a problem, as he says, when there is erectile dysfunction but in guys who do not have ED - no matter the size of their dicks - trying to increase blood flow is just spinning our wheels since blood flow is already adequate.



avocet8 - I agree that men with ED would benefit the most from better blood flow to the penis.

While it may not be possible to increase blood flow above the norm, there are things that supposedly decrease blood flow like smoking or poor diet. Removing these would mean normal/optimal blood flow to the penis. Like westla said, poor blood flow is not to be confused with a small penis so if you’re a healthy person in this situation you’ve probably just got a small penis (although I’m no doctor - just a fan of logic).

I think the point made by ICM should also be discussed under this thread as it relates to blood flow. ICM said - “I sometimes wonder whether I have enlarged my unit and not provided additional blood flow”. If jelqs/kegels do not increase blood flow then how does the body maintain the same level of erection after enlargement. For example, if a large balloon and a small balloon are filled with the same capacity of air they are the same size (I don’t really like these kind of comparisons but PE’ers like to compare their penis to elastic bands etc. to aid an argument). In the case of someone like YGuy who increased the capacity of his penis by 359%, if he only had the same amount of blood flowing into his penis as before his erections would be extremely soft (which is not the case). During an erection the body must just keep blood flowing to the penis until it thinks it’s fully erect (i.e. keep blowing the balloon until it’s full). In which case attempts to increase blood flow are pointless (although again I’m no doctor).

I like this thread so far. Comments from the people involved in the threads westla presented would be helpful.

>I think the point made by ICM should also be discussed under this thread as it relates to blood flow. ICM said - “I sometimes wonder whether I have enlarged my unit and not provided additional blood flow”. If jelqs/kegels do not increase blood flow then how does the body maintain the same level of erection after enlargement.<

Hardness is determined by the ratio of inflowing blood to outflowing blood during the erection, not absolute inflow rate. Think of it as similar to filling a sink. If the drain is mostly plugged even a trickle will fill it to capacity. If the drain is more open you need more incoming water.

If inflow/outflow stays the same, a bigger penis should get just as hard as a smaller one. It may take slightly longer to fill up, but it should fill to the same pressure.

Exactly, Hobby.

And let’s not forget that jelking, etc. etc. etc. change the positions of blood within the cavernosa causing repeated bulging along the length and girth of the chambers. Over time, these PE methods seem to encourage new tissue growth resulting in more penile volume which can then be filled with yet more blood in gradually larger erections.



Thanks guys - these were enlightening reply’s (hobby - great sink metaphor).

My main doubts on this issue were due to seeing several porn stars who had huge capacity penises but struggled to get hard erections (one German guy has been discussed here before in a thread by Dino9X7- Rambone I think his name was, this guy would probably need a fortnight to get a full erection) : )

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