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PEing while sore

PEing while sore

After extensive reading, it is clear that opinions on frequency of rountine vary tremendously, from DLD who takes a break from intense routines only when injured, to others who work out sparingly- maybe 20 minutes a week. Both sides seem able to gain! In another post, someone was discussing weight lifting, and said they’ve never been sore for more than a day or two. Regarding PE- I’m wondering if there is variance in soreness, and if that affects when/if you guys session.

I had a hard session yesterday when I did erect bends for the first time, along with squeezes and jelqing. Today I was a little bit sore, and my veins were slightly larger than normal. In that condition, would you guys push on through and work out hard again, do a light workout, or skip a day to heal? If this was weight lifting, which it obviosuly is not, I would skip a day, but considering that I took two days off before my workout, it seems like I should push ahead.

Any opinions?

I like to err on the side of safety. Personally, I would take a day off, but a light workout could be OK as well. The important thing is to listen to your penis. If he’s screaming for a day off, then take a day off. He’ll be there for more abuse later.

Reduce intensity but must continue and focus on moving blood to aid healing

You should do light workout that focused on moving blood unless you have very serious sore. Massaging will help too, if you can’t really do any workout because of pain/discomfort. This will help healing and dislodged static acid buildup that is the cause of discomfort. Worst case, encourage natural erection to move in more blood circulation into the organ…

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