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getting sore hands

getting sore hands

Hi all..i have been peing for about 7 months and have seen some gains..not to sure what they are..I have not measure..but I started at about 5.75 x think I’m about 6 x 6. Over the last while I’m finding that my hands and fingers are sore drom jelqing and stretching. I think that they are getting a better workout than my penis. I have also noticed more hair growth on the shaft of my penis. I have been taking some of the supplements for increase blood flow. I know that this is a long process, but I would like to see bigger gains. I have looked at some of the tools for jelqing maybe this can give bigger gains. I don’t know maybe I can get some advice from the more experience guys that have been peing for some time. I do a pretty good work out, I don’t count but I do at least 2 hours a day of jelqs and stretches while watching tv, nice advatage of being single. But I do want a bigger penis, I have been wishing for such a thing since I can remember. Didn’t find out peing until 7 months ago. I’m now 42 and maybe just maybe this can be a dream come true. So if you can help, it would be much apprecated


Hi johnkakes,

Gains take time, plain and simple. Keep at it like you have any you will grow more. I really recommend measuring so you know if you have gained or not. Otherwise, you might have gained, but not think you have since you don’t have visual proof on a ruler.

To give your hands a break, try using baby powder or these gloves for a better grip. The hair on your dick is a side effect of growing a bigger dick. No big deal though, just shave, pluck or wax them off. Here’s some good advice on pubic hair grooming.

Just be patient and continue to work hard and you will gain. Have fun!

Thanks Stevie..I really appreciate the help..the baby powder I will have to try..and the shaver looks like a great Idea..


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