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PEing for about months. Should I start clamping or handing?

PEing for about months. Should I start clamping or handing?

Hey hows it goin guys. I’ve been stretching, jelqing and doing Uli’s for about 6 months now. i’ve seen some minor gains but im still happy. My dong looks bigger (measured as well) to the naked eye and the erection level is great. I was wondering if it’s good to start doing clamping and hanging? Also can they be done together? I’ve been reading and searching the forums and it seems like a lotta guys have seen some nice gains from this. I’d like to hear some advice and if anyone can to tell me or link me to some informative threads it would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Gene

You should decide what your goals are. If you are going for girth, then perhaps clamping is for you or maybe pumping. If you are going for length, then hanging might be your choice. Trying to do intense girth work and length work together is often too much to take.

I’d reinforce what gprent said by emphasizing the importance of becoming familiar with any new PE approach that you may be considering (refer to gprent’s post) before adding even more new approaches into your training.

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Clamping, for girth. But, BE CAREFUL. I use an infrared light to warm up , and for during the whole thing. Going great. But I DID injure myself early on (thrombosis).

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I wouldn’t start any serious girth work unless you are pretty happy with your length.

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i’m 7.75 inches NB…. I’d like to get more length. I guess im gonna go with hanging and stick to manual girth exercises for now. Thanks guys.

I would go for hanging first and their are “newbie hanging gains” to be had. Then after that work on girth.

Understand the hanging game before you start and make sure you have the time it takes because just playing around with it woun’t help very much. It takes a routine and time to see it work.

Good Luck

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