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Rebuilding sensitivity while PEing?

Rebuilding sensitivity while PEing?


I’ve been doing PE exercises for a few months and have had decent results so far, although I still want to continue it. I usually have sex 3-4 nights a week, and recently masturbate on off-days. I feel that I lost some sensitivity in my penis due to my masturbation, since I was PEing and having sex before without any problems but now that I tossed masturbating into the mix I’m feeling a little less sensitive.

I have read a few posts in the archives and found a few websites that all basically just said to abstain from masturbation for 2-3 weeks and then start again with slow, gentle strokes. I plan on doing this but am wondering if I should also abstain from PEing for the 2-3 weeks?

PEing didnt have a noticable affect on sensitivity before, but I am curious if it would have a negative affect on my “re-sensitivity” period.

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments!

If you’re masturbating more agressive than what your dick is use to (sex), then it will adapt to the more agressive motions. I say you can still masturbate while doing PE. What I would do (and what I have done) is start using some kind of lube and take it slow. Use soft strokes, and don’t cum until after at least 20 minutes of playtime. Take your time and focus on the sensitivity. This has helped me.

Here is something you can do to restore your sensitivity back in 2 to 3 weeks. Buy some suran wrap and lightly wrap your glands and keep it wrapped for 3 weeks only taking it off when you have to. The natural moisturizing effects of the glands will do the rest!


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