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PE Log. How do you keep yours?

PE Log. How do you keep yours?

Feel free to move this if you feel this is in the incorrect section of the forum.

I know a common problem for many people especially is getting dis heartened at your apparent lack of gains, or in fact that the amount of time you put in doesn’t seem to be worth it. This can be especially true at the gym, and something I have always proudly recommended as a cure for this is the idea of keeping a log book. And I shall be honest, looking back at all the minutes I’ve spent working out over the years does make me feel good about myself, and helps me to stay motivated.

I started keeping my PE log book on paper, but just found it added to the many of my PE supplies that i stashed away, and could easily be found. Couple that with the fact that it was a tiny little black diary and I did not have enough space to write in. So instead i came up with the (mind numbingly obvious) idea of keeping track of my PE activities on Microsoft Excel.

Attached if deemed appropriate, is a copy of a Generic PE logbook, its a simplified version of mine, as Ive got a nice little CM to Inch converter featured in mine amongst other things.

If anyone finds this useful but requires help updating it say, adding the weeks changing dates, placing in converters whatever i will happily produce a full tutorial for all of this. But I’m only going to do this if anyone needs help. (There’s always the possibility nobody likes this idea)

Well, that is about it. Sorry if someones already posted something similar to this, I just thought it seemed like a neat idea.

Any comments feedback is as always appreciated.

PS. I’m aware my spreadsheet skills are not that sexy. Any real programmer feel free to sex it up and re-post.

PPS. This includes no Macros, so you have no fear of those nasty little macro viruses, anyone feel free to also virus scan this file if people contain that morbid phobia of virus’s, Trojans and key loggers.

Ok hell, i cant upload the thing. Just noticed its an invalid file attachment, so its now Zipped. If Thunders or any moderator could post the pure .XLS copy of this it would be much appreciated.

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Generic PE
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I didnt look at your log cause Im computer illerate and the .zip is confusing but I use Microsoft Excel to organize my PE routine in a log. All I log is hang time, sets, weight, and angle, along with how long I jelq. It pretty easy and is pretty organized. Hope this helps.

I use excel too, just type in how many reps, or how much time.

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Yep, I use excel as well. My colums are

excerise done
am or pm sessions

I use Microsoft Outlook. I creat a new journal entry and it has a timer that I can start & stop for hang time & PM time. Then I put it in Excel… if I could only get the two to merge. :-k


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I use my head and remember

My log is my digital camera. I don’t log my routines, just my progress. I can look back on my pictures and see the improvement in my size over time, and feel real good about my new size. Whenever I start to feel down about a plateau I just look at my pictures and realize that I’m still better off than I was.

Logs are good.

I keep track of about every thing you can think of. My goal is to put in a years worth of data and find the most effective routine based on results.

My favorite statistic I keep is girth to length ratio.

I started off at .818 and have managed to bump it up to .823 while increasing lenth and girth.

Someday, I hope to achieve the golden 1.0 or higher.

I use notepad right now. I log the routine, PI’s on a daily basis and measure every now and then.

I love the fact that there are multiple people keeping a log! Great work gentlemen. If only we could get it all in one place; one database, that would be great.

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I plan to submit mine perhaps yearly or so, its got lots of side notes etc… If anyone could get wisdom from it then great, but most probably it is a waste of time.

Starting Stats: BPEL- 5 2/8" BG- 4 4/8" MSG - 4 4/8" - Jan 2006

Goals: Till Mrs. K, can't take no more. :rear:

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