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PE is for real

PE is for real

Evening all, just moved into a new home, I bought my first! I had to set up my computer first (Hey, I’m a geek) But enough about that. Reason I felt like writing tonight is because PE has been so freaking awesome for me. I’ve been around the boards on and off over the past year, never really committing to PE. Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been very consistent with my routine, and I was shocked to find that the past 4 days my erection has become noticably larger. Enough so that I know it is no fluke. Even my flaccid hang has been larger. I’m not measuring because I don’t wan’t to fret over milimeter gains etc, etc. All I can say is that PE is working, and I’m psyched.

The beauty of it is that it is so simple. I’ve been approaching it lately from a weight lifters mindset. I warm up by stretching for 5-10 min. Then I do medium strength Jel-Qs( use Vaseline, not dry) until my penis feels tired. I don’t go for any specific set time, I just stop once I feel my penile tissues getting tired. I don’t stop right when I feel them get tired, but a little ways into so I am slightly uncomfortable, but not hurt by any means. Just like if you are done ligting weights, your muscles are uncomfortable, but not in pain, you follow? I’ve been doing this consistently for 4 days a week, and the results have impressed me to no end. I wasn’t expecting to see such a dramatic change over a short period of time. The best part is that my erections are stronger than they have ever been before, by penis points up at an angle, I’ve never had so strong an erection that it just points upwards on its own. I guess I’m writing this because I had faith in PE, but never committed to the point that I have now. But it’s for real, and I thank all of the regulars on this board for such great insight, you’ve gvien me the knowledge and faith to succeed with this.
Currently in a long distnace relationship, haven’t seen my girl for 40 days, she’ll be here Thursday! I can’t wait to try out the new and improved equipment.



Congrats on the new house and welcome to the inner circle of “true believers”… Mighty fine isn’t it…



Soon you will be a geek with a bigger dick and a new house :D

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


You now know the truth! That’s where I got my signature from,
i.e. PE FO(R) REAL.


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I’m still skeptical about this whole PE thing……….. I see nothing happening for me, but if it does, I will not deny the truth.

Congrats on the new house and new dick!!

Originally Posted by Starter7777
I’m still skeptical about this whole PE thing……….. I see nothing happening for me, but if it does, I will not deny the truth.

Whats your routine?

miltonic 24,

Congrats on your gains. You remind me of me last fall when I started PE. We lucked out with immediate gains, which spurs us on. I admire your enthusiasm!! My erections too are approaching 10 o’clock (without viagra)!


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