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Pain while stretching

Pain while stretching

Okay this goes out to anyone who feel they can help.

I have been PEing for a while using an extender and also pumping. I hate to feel like Im a hard gainer and actually I dont. But my only problem is while Im stretching with my extender and most recently my ADS, my dick starts to hurt like heck because of the pulling. And this happens after just an hour of stretching. It feels like this, wrapping your finger tight in some chickenwire, letting it stay on for an hour and then putting in some warm water. Or getting a paper cut on your finger and then putting it in some warm water.

Im not sure if Im stretching to tight or if my dick is sensitive to pull. Maybe my girth is not thick enough for the stretching. I dont know. So if anybody can help a brother out, please do. Tell me how can I stop this pain from stretching.:(

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.

There are guys who have 2” circumference so girth would not be the problem. You are probably stretching to tight. It is ok if you feel it but when it hurts stop immediately.

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