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one handed jelqs

one handed jelqs

whenever i jelq i get allllll this skin way up near the head (im cut) and it pulls my balls so tightly against my body. one ball even goes like into my body. sometimes i end up accedentially jelqing a ball. so somtimes i try one handed jelqs. using my left hand. anyone try this?

Well I can only assume that you are dry jelqing, the only way I have found to avoid the inverted nut effect is to stand up. If you are standing up then I don’t know what to tell you.

Nope im not dry jelqing.

Originally posted by pemonsta8
Nope im not dry jelqing.

Then I don’t see what the difference would be in using one hand as opposed to alternation with two hands?

Try this.. As you begin your jelq, anchor the skin at the base with your free hand by making a “V” with your index and middle finger, then place your dick in the “V” and hold the skin at the base for part of the jelq.


i have found 1 handed jelq’s don’t do a hell of alot compared too two handed ones.

JUst remember to use your left hand as well as your right ( one at a time like you said) or you will risk developing a curve.

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