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Newbie accidental gains +theory?

n00b accidental gains +theory?

Hello folks. Sorry about the title, but I had to encapsulate.

Here’s my situation. Like most guys I measured, right? I turned 19 not too long ago, so I don’t know if I have more growing to do or what … I never tried any kind of enlargement excercises because, well, I had heard that surgery was the only *real* way (and from what I had dug into as far as supplements, I understand that most supplements are not any form of targetted growth hormones, but instead focus on increasing blood flow to penis, which never sounded A: very effective, and B: very permanent) to increase size.

And like most guys I really wasn’t concerned with enlargement — seriously. :) Didn’t think much about it, assumed it wasn’t possible/practical. Since I was growing up still I was WAAAAAY more concerned with knowing what the average size was, to know how I measured up, you know. So anything I heard about PE was mostly just peripheral to my generalized penis learning. :)

So anyways, I’ve been measuring for a long time. I did keep record occasionally. See, when I was 14 I was only 5’5” tall and weighed 115 pounds. Yeah, that’s in ninth grade. :) But the *next* year, 10th grade, I grew upwards really really fast — I went all the way to 5’11” in only 5 months. I was basically totally done growing upwards within the next 2 years; I’ve been 6’3.75” tall (height not wang) now ever since I was 16. Just as possibly relevant background info.

Ok, at 14 my penis was 4.5 inches long erect, although I only measured over the course of one day (several times). But, when I started growing (I was sleeping like every day soon as I got home from school, had a huge growth spurt) I measured a lot more. I was real disappointed at first, because I went from 5’5” to 5’9” and my penis increased to only around 4.75 to 4.825. But then my growth spurt heightwise tapered off, and I grew heightwise a lot slower (multiple months per inch) and in that time I also got ‘real’ pubic hair, which would coincide with the time that it started really growing. So in the time that I grew from 5’9” to 6’0”, over half a year, my penis grew from under 5 to almost 5.25, and continued to grow slowly and steadily while my height growth tapered off. By the time I was 16 my penis was 5.825 to 6” long. (Please note that I never measured girth — I kinda figured I couldn’t be accurate and didn’t think it mattered at that point).

At this point my growth basically stopped. I am blonde so I don’t shave as much as most guys, but it grows now as fast as it did then. Basically, everything I can think to indicate growth has been the same since I was 16 and a half years old. Shoe size, waistline the same, weight is a little more (still only 185 for a nearly 6’4” guy) but totally natural. My penis MIGHT have increased a bit, like 1/8 of an inch, because I believe most of my measurements from early 16 are slightly (1/16 or so) less than 6”, but I stabilized at 6” long for SURE from between when I was 16 and a half to when I was almost 19, basically everything about my body has been the same for going on 3 years now.

Except that right now my wang is 7.125 to 7.25 long. The thing is, this is within the last 6 months. And what have I been doing during that time period?


I know, everyone does it, right? Well I had before, too. But I hurt my wrist! Before I was doing the ordinary kind of whack, where your right hand wrapped underneath and the thumb pointed away from you. Well, that position became painful for my wrist after the injury, so I changed to the only other grip that was comfortable, where my thumb pointed at my body and I stroke the underside with my fingers. This also decreases the unpleasant friction on some parts of the crown.

Well, place your hand like you would when using that grip. See, I couldn’t jack upwards at an angle any more. I had to bend the wang downwards, basically at least 90 degree angle out from my body and now a lot more. The left thumb came down on the top of the shaft, right at the base, and pushed it down — again, for comfort; otherwise, the wang being at that angle wasn’t stable and also felt potentially painful, so it was just kind of natural. Anyways, the motion was always a kind of outwards stroking motion, with left hand around and pressing down on the top of the base of the penis.

What I now believe happened is that I have naturally stretched my ligaments out. In the 6 months since I started masturbating like that (before I never was like that, it was always pointed UP and sometimes I just layed it against my abdomen and stroked the underside), which btw coincided with a bit of depression during which I had all the time to beat off I wanted — during those 6 months, my wang has increased one and 1/8 to one and a quarter inches.

Anyways, I’m not 100% sure what caused it, but I believe that it stretched my ligaments. If I understand correctly, hanging is meant to do this as well. However, how do you pull the ligs themselves, get the maximum efficiency, not just make your wang skin itself more elastic? I know nothing on this; I do know that the base of my penis does seem a lot lower than it was a year ago. It (the base) also seems a bit thicker — but this could be because with the ligs stretched, more of the penis protrudes (a la the lengthening surgery notion) and it would make sense for it to be thicker; when you have an erection sometime feel down back of your balls where that trunk is; it’s way thicker than your protruding penis.

Anyways, those (unintentional) gains were what got me interested in pe. I’m really happy with the size actually; from what I understand the actual average penis size could be a lot smaller than what people previously thought. The last (credible, medical) information I heard of was a report from a condom manufacturer in Mexico who tested a wide sampling of natives and Cancun tourists, and the average size was 5.45 to 5.88. (in case you’re wondering the range is just because of the small fraction of people that declined to participate when asked). A previous study in Las Vegas (with a significantly larger sample pool) reported their average to be only around 5.2, but that study was marred I believe by the fact that some of the ‘nurses’ that took the measurements weren’t very well prepared/educated, so they may have underreported the results.

So I’m happy with the length, and the girth right now is 5.375 exactly (mid-wang).

Sorry for the length of this post — although longer IS better, right? — but I’m pretty new to this whole concept. When I realized how much I had grown in a short period of time I had a kind of ‘whoa, wait a second! wtf just happened here??’ feeling, and I wanted to find out what the hell DID happen. Now I think I have a better idea, but I’ve learned enough about PE in the process to make me think that I can probably end up with some girth gains.

The reason is that even though I’m a pretty skinny kid, I have very strong legs (play a lot of soccer), so my thighs and ass are all MegaMan and stuff, they’re the only really buff part of me. WHICH TOTALLY SUCKS because it makes my wang look SO much smaller by comparison; if you look at me from the side you see real skinny-ass torso, real skinny lower legs, stomach almost not there at ALL — and then DAMN MAN that ass just sticks way out like a perfect half-circle, and thighs just all ripped, and it makes my wang look a lot smaller by comparison. So I’d like to make myself thicker, particularly soft.

Because after sports, my wang just SHRIVELS. It’s not just shrinkage; normally I hang a little under 4.5”. But after sports, and I’ve been sweating a ton and all blood redirected to other parts of the body — you know, when you go in the LOCKER ROOM — my wang is so damn small it’s incredible, and especially the head, which actually wrinkles. No lie man it wrinkles like a miniature scrotum. :P Hell it’s even dwarfed by my pubic hair; it bushes out a ton in a big circle around my wang, and when I’m erect it looks good — I think it makes it look bigger — but when I’m flaccid I feel like I’m presenting my wang on top of it, like a miniature hot dog on top of a heaping double handful of alfalfa.

For any guys out there that wish they were tall — maybe it gives us a little boost in the wang department; it only makes sense that Shaq is bigger than us that way right? But I’ll tell you what, I don’t think it’s proportional at all. :P I think that wang-to-body size, you short guys have such a huge advantage, like you look WAAAAAAAY bigger if you keep the weight off. I guess the only advantage tall guys have is that girls just assume we’re better hung, because if a girl walked into a locker room and compared sizes after I got done playing ball, I’d be right down there with the midget and the 12-year old. :)

P.S. — as an introduction to this community, hi. I love the idea of a community of people all fine-tuning their wangs. It’s hilarious to me. I mean the terminology and everything. I imagine this group of hillbillies standing around in a garage saying things like

“Yeah ah’m gonna stretch the ligs usin’ a Swimmin’ Cap Number 5 dry, and then maybe try a little shaft work usin’ a custom Horse440 mod.”

“Well wait jest a sec thar Billybob, what about compression? Tell you one thang sure, you don’t use a wrap first yer gonna snap a ribbing fer sure on the 440.”

“Wahl now, mebbe if I were usin’ yer broken down ol’ Pan-rolled tool! But this baby is a custom six-point-five with a five-point-seven girth and a LOT of custom work done on the head. I probably get more fluid flow through this head than any two other units combined.”

“Well just a dad-blammed second thar! What the hell is wrong with Pan-Rolled?!?”

“Pan rolled is fer sissies! A custom Horse440 and a PowerJelq will whup any ol’ Pan-Rolled, with or without a SwimCap Hang!”

“Bull****! I’ll put my Pan-Rolled Custom against your unit any day of the week and win easy!”

Ok, that’s all for now. Tah.

Welcome aboard !!

Hey mr luc,

That is what I would call real stealth PEing. Even the cock owner wasn’t aware of it. Anyway, welcome to the forums and , yes, bigger is better, even as far as posts are concerned.

Being a hillbilly and GOB myself, I find your humor at the end of the post funny as hell. Sounds like pit row at a NASCAR race. Others may not, but I hope they realize it was in jest.

BTW, you would be pleasantly surprised at what positions in life a lot of our members hold (no pun intended). Doctors, lawyers, a hell of a lot of engineers (does this mean anything??), authors, professors, etc. And the age range is pretty surprising also. 18 to 74 if I remember correctly. Probably a few under 18, but I’ll find them sooner or later and show them the door.

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hi there and welcome luc…

I am also just turned 19, and 6’4.5”…. I know exactly what you mean by people expecting more from tall guys (in all respects) but I’ve never had to go through any ‘locker room’ stuff since I am not a sporty person :)

hope you have a fun time on the board and get whatever growth you want. :D


You sound pretty mature for 19, welcome to thunders pe forum.
Yeah being tall makes your dick look smaller and so do big hands.


mr luc

Great post!!! Now if only I could get my penis to grow from masturbating I’d have a 10 inch monster by now :D ! Anyway great post and gains, looking forward to more!


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