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My newbie gains and the dual PE theory


My newbie gains and the dual PE theory

When I stumbled across this site, I was not even remotely interested in PE. I was never concerned about my size, knowing I’m average. Actually, before starting PE, I have measured myself only twice in my entire half a century existence, once as a teenager, the next time as adult. As far as I remember, it was around 13.5 cm (5.3”) and 15.5 cm (6.1”), of course NBPEL. Only after browsing this site I’ve learnt that I was on the higher side of the average.
I mention being very skeptical about PE, only thunders made me question the “scientific dogma” about the impossibility of nonsurgical PE. This community convinced me to give it a try. Who doesn’t want a bigger unit?

After reading a lot of posts on this site, I decided to try it myself, as a “scientific experiment” :) . I started on December 2008 by taking careful BPEL measurements. I have noticed that it depended very much on the level of erection, so I repeated it several times that day and also on the following day. A few times I hit 6.9”, so I took it as the starting value. As I was very skeptical, I didn’t take other measurements (girth, flaccid, NBPEL, etc) that’s why they are missing from my data. (On the pedata page I had to enter a fictionally value for starting EG, there is no option for N/A – a flow of the database).

Doing only manual stretches and wet jelks, I had a real shock next month when I measured the new size. I was almost sure I missed something, so I kept checking the new size and it was there! Then I supposed that the starting measurement was wrong, though I knew I did it very accurately, but a whole cm (0.38”) gain was something I wasn’t prepared for. This time I measured also the girth and continued PEing, secretly hoping that I didn’t miss anything and PE really works.
After the second month when it came the time to measure, I was already sure that I must have gained. The feeling of my unit in my hands was so much different of what I was accustomed for decades, that I knew it. Only the magnitude of the gain was the surprise. A new gain of 7 mm (almost 0.3”) in length and the more important 0.2” EG gain in the second month was more than I could dream for!
Here are my stats:



It seems that the newbie gains are going to stop soon, though I’m not sure about it yet. The last two months I had to do less training than in the first three months, due to some obligations. My problem with PE is regarding privacy and spare time. I’m busy with my job, wife, my little daughter and a lot of other things which make up life, so I get little time and even less privacy for PE. I cannot say I have a routine. I’m doing the newbie exercises with no warm up and no rest days. This is NOT RECOMMENDED, but I have no opportunity to do it right, so I use any available time for PE. Not using rest days tries to compensate for not having the time for a proper duration daily routine.

This post is already too long, I apologize for that and continue below.

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Excellent results! Truly awesome in fact. Keep up whatever it is you are doing because it is clearly working.

I think some of you consider my newbie gains as regained size from younger age. I say that’s definitely not true in my case. I’m healthy, sexually very active and I’m convinced I didn’t lose any size due to my age. Though I didn’t do regular measurements pre PE, I know how I felt my unit. I never was so big as I am now. I never could hold both hands around my unit before PE. Now I can and the head is out! And my palms didn’t get smaller with age, that’s sure!

Others will say those gains are also from better EQ. I have to say no again. My EQ didn’t change with PE, which is a little disappointing, knowing that is better for most PE-ers. I’m not complaining too much, as I feel OK. I’m not like I used to be at 18, but good enough for a daily party with my wife. Maybe the EQ gains are hindered by a little overdoing…

About my goals:
I’ll try to get more length till I can bottom out my wife (the idea behind my username), then I’ll focus only on girth. The other important goal is staying stealth. Wife must not know about PE.

My “dual” PE theory
My gains tend to confirm that older PE-ers are good gainers. I think this is related to less elasticity in the tissues compared to young men. This is to support the plastic deformation theory. If it was new cell formation, young people would be in a much better position relative to PE, as older people grow new tissues much slower, if at all. On the other hand, if it is about plastic deformation, younger people have elastic tissues which must be stressed harder and longer to deform than older men. That’s the first time when older age happens to be an advantage! ;-) If that was not enough to convince you, just look to my gains in the first two months. If that was new tissue formation, I must have surpassed newborn babies in growing, though it is known that they have the most rapid growing pace. I state that it is no way to have those gains from new tissue formation, it must be elongation!

That’s only for early gains. I think the body has it’s reaction to elongation and structural weakening of the unit. It’s response implies growing new tissue, but that takes time, so it can be considered as a delayed process, following plastic deformation. If there was no tissue formation just plastic deformation, those African tribe members that hang their units by tradition (some above 20”) would display transparent cocks with no possibility to self-sustain structurally.

Sorry for the long posts. Any comments are welcome!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

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Damn, good gains man, I can only hope for gains like that, I’m 20 years old and have been doing on-off PE-ing for about 2 months, unfortunately like you I can’t really get the time or privacy to stick to it properly (living in a house with 5 other guys), I’ve been dry jelqing and was thinking of starting wet jelqing to see if that helps, what kind of indicators were you getting when you started growing? After jelqing (I do around 200 ‘reps’) I can clearly see my dick is thicker than normal and I usually get a longer hang for the rest of the day, also I get small red spots and that donut thing at the bottom of the glans, was wondering if you were getting the same? Keep it up dude, you’re obviously doing really well, just on an off-note, how come you don’t want your wife to find out about this?

Congrats for your gains.

Anyway, there seems to be no statistical difference in rate of growth between young and old people, if I remember correctly.

- I’m trying to use any opportunity for PE (at the shower, piss pulls, in the bed before sleeping). It could make the difference, as it keeps the unit more frequently elongated.
- I use to do semi-erect jelqing, up to approx. 80%. I felt it better filled with blood, with more consistency. It was a very promising feeling, which made me confident about PE. Being confident seems to add to the positive effects of growing. It was repeated many times on this Forum that a positive thinking helps with growing. The body tends to fulfill the mind’s desire - whether good, or bad.
- I’m uncut and never got red spots after wet jelqing.
- My wife has a different value system. She appreciates intellectual achievements. I had a hard time a couple of month ago when I started going to the gym for weight lifting (I think I need some more weight, but I want only muscles). She considered that just waisted time. Instead, I should have worked for some scientific research, or writing a book, or likewise. Now she already considers me obsessed by sex (well, she does not complain of it). I’m sure she would consider me shallow if she finds out about me PE-ing and anyway I doubt she wants me bigger. I better wait for her reaction when she will notice the changes.

Marinera, thanks!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Thanks for reply, and thanks for the advice, guess I’m going to have to use any opportunity I can to get down to it, by the way I’m proper into my weight lifting, if you want any diet or exercise tips just give us a PM :) cheers mate

Starting: 14/05/09, BPEL 6.2",EG 4.5"

What is your exact routine, doesn’t quite say, unless I missed reading it somehow.

I just did the newbie routine - a short version (due to lack of privacy) but without days off.

For a month now, I’m on a different stretching routine - something I didn’t see mentioned on the Forum. If I’ll have sustained gains and avoid injuring myself, I’ll describe it in detail. Not until then!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Originally Posted by cervixhunter


African tribe members that hang their units by tradition (some above 20”) would display transparent cocks with no possibility to self-sustain structurally.

May I ask if have you ever seen reliable pics or movies about those 20” penises? I mean, it seems those are just myths.

Anyway, my views on this subject are pretty close to what you are saying; see here, for example:

marinera - Loading, lengthening, healing.

2 phase PE?

Originally Posted by marinera

May I ask if have you ever seen reliable pics or movies about those 20” penises? I mean, it seems those are just myths. …

No, I’ve never seen any pics, just descriptions from Wiki-like (not very reliable) sources.

Long time ago (when I was a kid) I saw a TV documentary about such a tribe, where the men were wearing their penis inside a long animal horn for obvious reasons to protect it. The horns were really long, but the documentary didn’t show the content. That was the most reliable source I ever found…

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Oh long would you strech per session? And how many jelqs would you do per day when first starting out?

I don’t get how people gain so fast. I mean, 0.3 inches length gain in a month? I’ve been going for 2 and a half months now and all I have to show is a slightly bigger flaccid, no erect size changes at all. My routine is okay and I’m fairly consistent (not the past 3 days though).

Starting BPEL: 7.0, EG: 5.0

My Dream: BPEL 8.0, EG 6.0

mackmass8808, though I consider stretching the key exercise for length gain, I never did it for more than 10-15 minutes. I’ve focused from the beginning on “tunica stretches”, as opposed to ligament stretching. I’m trying to apply the pulling force on the tunica as much as I can having the grip just under the glans, while the ligaments are loaded equally by the stretch in the direction of the erection (almost perpendicular to the body).
Due to the privacy issues I’ve mentioned earlier, I never had a very accurate schedule and routine. I estimate around 10 minutes of jelqing in a PE session when I started PE-ing. When I got the opportunity, I did two sessions a day.

marshmarsh47, I had my best gains in the first two months. For most people newbie gains come easily, then further gains are harder to obtain. For others there may be no gains for some month, but then they start gaining well. Eventually persistence pays off.
I don’t know your case, but I don’t exclude under-doing. People always speak about overdoing as an explanation for not gaining. In my opinion overdoing PE results in a mandatory initial gain followed by impossibility for further gains. If you didn’t gain at all in erect size, it is more plausible you didn’t hit the minimum level of stress for your unit.
Just my personal opinion which may be wrong!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

First of all, congratulations on your gains, that is damn impressive!

Second, how has your wife not noticed your bigger penis? You have a ~+.8” increase in length, that’s a huge amount!


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