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Newbie gains are down to improved EQ

Newbie gains are down to improved EQ

I reckon most newbie gains are down to a little bit of inaccurate measuring, but mainly an increase in EQ quality. I have looked at some progress reports and found most people with the biggest gains have reported better EG. I think if you start with good EQ your chances of PE gains are significantly lowered.

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I’d wager that measurement and EQ are a large portion of the Newbie gains - but not all of it. When stretching hamstrings for instance, you can make relatively easy flexibility gains initially, but within short the “slack is taken out of the system”, and you need to start stretching tough tendon.

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Ligament stretch at base also can be responsible. I can feel the tension, if that makes sense. It’s like a small part of my inner penis came out.

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I do not doubt my newbie gains were probably just EQ, but I started a few years ago when I was 18, I would like to think that my EQ was already great at that age. I am sure some get actual gains with the newbie routine, it just comes down to how your member responds to the stress. Like, some people can gain 5 - 10 pounds of muscle in a month of working out, with the right diet, proper execution, and determination; Some can’t, everyone is different.

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