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New auto jelqer design

Dude anything that will make it easier to get a nice consistent grip without straining the hands for jelqing is exactly what the PE world needs.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

So, are you planning to have a whole bunch of these irises lined up, closing one by one?

If you have a an inner sleeve of silicone and a bunch of these irises in a tube then you’d lessen the friction problem, no?

But come to think of it, how do the automatic milking machines work, anyway? Milking a teat is pretty much the same thing as jelqing, after all?

regards, mgus

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I have some timing pulleys that can be attach to the iris via a clamps that are not illustrated in the renderings. There will also be a stabilizer bar. The best example of this is a printer, open up the front panel of your printer and see the system that the inkhead and the ink moves on, that is how the iris will move.

the iris will have silicone on the edge of the iris pedals that touch your penis. The main problem about the friction was that may last design was so dependent on guide rails and springs that is caused alot more stress for the motors then needed. The only place where there will be friction is between the iris and your penis when the iris is clamped, though I assume (and hope) you would be lubed. I wouldn’t want to think of traction burns or my penis.

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Electronics and length modulation

I have decided on the way that the length will modulate it self. Since every thing you have seen will be inside a tube, so as to make vacuum jelqing possible, there will be a ring around the outside of the tube that will have a IR sensor on it, there will be a small IR laser or led moving with the iris on the pulley. When the IR sensor senses the IR beam, it will reverse the current, throwing the motor in reverse that drives the pulley, and reversing the motor that drives the actuator. there will be a second sensor at the base, that will reverse the currents again, which will clamp the iris, and make the pulley move away/forward. The will help with length modulation and pinpoint jelqing, since both the top sensor and bottom sensor will be moveable along the vertical axis. I won’t start on the electronics until I have made the actual mechanics of the auto jelqer.

P.S. Auto Jelqer seems kind of dull, what do you guys think the name should be.

EDIT, there will be a mechanism to make sure that the iris is clamped before the lateral motion starts.

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Your last 2 posts make the way your device works much more clear. It will be interesting to see if you can make it happen.

I think the name auto jelqer is a good one. When I saw the threadtitle I knew what it was about although the first 2 pics threw me off hehe.

I love your creative process and the ingenuity, but I just don’t think you will ever create a mechanical device that will beat your own 2 hands.

Originally Posted by gprent
I love your creative process and the ingenuity, but I just don’t think you will ever create a mechanical device that will beat your own 2 hands.

We’ll see,
If it isn’t up to par then I will just try again.

If it is, there is always room for improvement,

either way I will still be working on it.

I will outline a few complications and advantages with automatic jelqers and the whole concept.

No fatiguing (goes with consistency)

No easily engineered on the fly response system to change (this is a big one)
Costs money
Promotes the Set and Forget mentality which is not good for PEing, since you want to be in tune at all times

All of the auto-jelqer’s cons are the manuel jelq’s pros and where the manuel jelq starts to get rough the auto-jelqer flourishes.
I do believe it is possible to make something as good, I just don’t think in the timeframe that I have been designing this it will be.
A problem with the iris clamp as oppose to a linear clamp (ie vise) is that you can’t have two clamps, so the conveyor motion is completely out of the question
however, the iris coupled with a vacuum pump (on 5 hgmm or less) may prove to be consistent enough to get a considerable amount of blood into the head.

NO MATTER WHAT, there will never be a scientifically viable experiment showing how the jelq increases penis size without consistency through an automated (and measurable) process.

P.S. Thank you for the complement gprent.

The name of the Chinese weapon that I was talking about is the “flying guillotine”. Its a mythical weapon though so there isn’t any real documentation. Although I watched a documentary on the discovery channel about it. In the documentary they made a prototype version and the way the blades operated was very similar to how your device operates.…-guillotine.jpg

I was thinking of going with acetyl, but then I decided to go with ABS plastic for its mechanical advantages and its machining advantages. I ordered all the supplies I will need for the iris just tonight. I hope to have it done by the end of next week.

I am thinking of using the steel for the motor, and PVC for the motor’s casing.

I hope you can get this thing to provide a firm enough squeeze.

Yeah me too, it is going to take a lot of experimentation because of some variables in the math required to find out how many windings use is beyond me at the point, in terms of having an idea of what I want for each one. So I think I will just use some high gauge wire and wrap it a whole bunch until it works.

Originally Posted by Iguana
Are you sure that’s not a design for a penile guillotine? Please tell me that’s not metal!

Ha ha ha, I thougth the same.

Well, we all need immaginative people so the world may advance, and of course the penis grow.
Bravo for the concept of a new jelquing method tools that’s the attitude. ;)


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Not sure if it’s an issue but I noticed the irisblades act as levers but in an opposite way, like closing a door by pushing near the hinge.


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