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New ADS device appears

New ADS device appears….5595486786&rd=1

Havent seen this before, and cant find it by searching (no doubt someone lese will though)

looks like it has the unliked noose end attachment, but it also looks SO cheap that you could make one yourself for about $1

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It’s a noose,looks dangerous. And you got me all exited :p ….

Looks like it would slice the tip of your dick off, or at least strangle it real good. No thanks!

For only 29.95, you too can strangle the life outta your willy.

Wouldn’t a knife be more effecient?

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine

Wouldn’t a knife be more effecient?

I’m not sure they can justify 29.95 for a penis-slicing knife. It just lacks good marketing sizzle. Now, a snazzy leg noose device, in super-cool jet-black no less… now that’s the sizzle that sells the steak baby.

Looks too dangerous for me to put my dick in.

Nooses are one of the worst things to use.

I used a noose for a while got some gains but my head got pretty numb, and I couldn’t feel much, I got pretty scared so I stopped. Good price for a PE device though!

The winning bid was 30.50 GBP which converts to over 53 US Dollars. Way too much for somthing that looks like it will kill your penis.

If quitters never win, and winners never quit, who came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?

"Boom goes the dynamite."

It does look like something that could be well hidden but the noose thing has to be changed. Ok wonder boys get to work and make a better one :)

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