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ADS device and PEing

ADS device and PEing

According to , you have to wear their ADS device for 9-10 hours a day, no break days, for months.

Does anybody do this? And if so, how do you fit in your PEing routine of jelqing/stretching? I would think that the penis would be a little tired of the ADS so if you were to PE at all, you would have to do it before you wear the ADS.

Depending on what your routine is it seems more people prefer passive ADS- like Monty’s PE weights as they are considered more comfortable and easier to use. You just put them on your penis and go about your day- making sure to check your member frequently and remove them if needed.

Do a search for PE weights or Golf Weights and you’ll get tons of info.

So far the PE weights are the best ADS I’ve found. I wear them everywhere all the hours I’m awake. The only time I take them off is to 1:sleep, 2:PE or 3:have sex, and even during those three activities I replace them with either 1: the mag-wrap 2: varies PE devices and 3: A woman. So my dick is never alone. I’ll try the Auto Extender as soon as the bigger head is available, but even then I’ll probably end up using it with Monty’s weights. That weight he is including doesn’t look big enough to slip over a post-hang-swollen-dick comfortably to me.

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