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Buying a circle device for ADS


Buying a circle device for ADS

For those who don’t know, the Circle device is an ADS that is a pewter ring custom fit to your flaccid girth:
See this link

They seem to be very effective. PirateSteve said he gained an inch with his- I believe it was in this post . I know his home-made ADS (and CaptnHook’s ) is supposed to be awsome. I haven’t made one yet.

They also are dreadfully expensive- which lead to the cheaper solution of hanging ADS with golf weights.

I have tried golf donuts (3 of them) but I have 3 major problems with them.
1. They are too bulky. It looks like I have a bag of marbles in my pants. It is very hard for me to wear them inconspicuously.
2. They are not particularly heavy - 3 wieghts are about 1 pound.
3. (biggest problem) They slide off. I have not been able to comfortably keep those goddamn weights on my penis. I have had embarrassing instances of them sliding off in the middle of a grocery store, and in the middle of campus (outside). What happens is the donuts fall down and out of my pants leg.

For me, eliminating the anxiety I have when wearing the golf weights would be almost worth the price of a circle device.

So, here is a possibility . If the circle device were say, half as much, would you get it? I sent this Daniel France guy (who makes these devices) an email, and he mentioned he would give a discount if the devices were ordered in bulk. I would hope that if he had an order for say 10-20 devices he might cut his price in half, or at least substantially reduce it. Here is my correspondence:

——- Original Message ——-
From: skinneeD
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 3:38 PM
Subject: prices

Dear Sirs/Madams,
I am interested in purchasing your device, but just wanted to ask why such a high cost for the pewter device? I have known about your site for some time but I’ve found the cost prohibitive for me. I belong to a penis enlargement forum ( where several substitutes were discussed, including using golf donuts, which is what I currently use. These appear to be fairly effective, however to be honest the disadvantages of golf donuts are the bulkiness, and the weight is probably less than the heavier circle devices.

Could you please provide some clarification? Do you offer discounts, or special deals for bulk orders?

Many Thanks,


Dear skinneeD,

The Circle device is a hand made ,custom sized product.It is not just a piece of pewter. If you give a positive order of various devices ,I will be happy to give you a special discount.The discount would depend on the amount you purchase. Let me know what the order would be ,and I will get back to you with the price.

Thank You!
DFrance Inc.
PO Box 293
Lakehurst, NJ 08733

So, this post is to gauge interest in pursuing this. Personally I would pay half price for one of these, even though I know that is still a lot. I don’t know how you put a price on gains, and I’m curious as hell to try one of these things out.

We could work out the logistics later. There are several ways to order these things simultaneously, and have them sent to different addresses.

If you are interested, please post here. If you have alternatives that you feel work just as well, please post here. If you think I’m going crazy, hurl verbal projectiles to knock me back to my senses.


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

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anyone besides me interested in these things?

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

Seems interesting to me.

But way too pricey.

This must be telling me something. The circle device is apparantly so overpriced that even at say half price it’s too much money. There are thousands of readers at thundersplace. I’m surprised I couldn’t drum up 10 people who would be interested.

I’m tossing around the idea of trying to make something now.
I’ve found out that tin (pewter) isn’t that dense. It just has a low melting point and is easy to work with, as well as being non-toxic. If money was no issue ( ;) ), you would want a circle device made out of platinum. It has a density almost 3 times that of tin- you could make a relatively tiny 3 lb. ADS penis weight.

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

I should read my PMs more often. So right now there are 3 people interested including myself. My original idea was to get 10 people interested and make him a half-price offer. 7 more people and we can discuss how to go about doing it.

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

I am very interested in this device and would like to go in on this deal to get it at half price.


The site says the thing is patented, but I don’t see a patent number. I think I’ve seen something shaped like this with a hinge at Home Depot, but it was made of steel and about 1/8th inch thick. I bet…if you took a bunch of them and linked them together somehow — maybe with epoxy — it would be pretty heavy. Time to go walk the friendly aisles of “America’s Penis Enlargement Warehouse.” Of course, I’ve never been sold on the effectiveness of so little weight, even for hours at a time. But, I still have to satiate my PE gadget jones.

The circle device sounds interesting but in reality it seems like you would have to always stand or sit on the edge of the chair.
I was looking for something similar but haven’t found anything yet.
Here’s some kind of hanging device that appears to be more of a hanger than an ADS… But check it out anyway.
I’ll keep looking for the “perfect” ADS


I started PE for the first time about two months ago. Before I discovered this Forum, I bought a FastSize Stretcher and wore that contraption for 12 to 14 hours a day for two weeks straight. I even tried to wear it at work and and around town but I found it extremely difficult to do so. I did notice a slight increase in flaccid stretch and erection length. However, my johnny, specifically right behind the glans, became very very sore. This happend even though I used extra padding for the “noose” like securing mechanism. In addition, my head would become numb and cold so I was constantly adjusting the “noose” to allow for circulation.

While wearing the FastSize, I discovered Thunder’s Site and quickly validated my concerns that I had about this device. Consequently and while I was tending to my sore glans, I read and read and read everyone’s experiences on Thunder’s site and I came up with a fairly basic protocal that seems to work really well for now.

For the last month, I have been hanging in the AM and PM for 1 hour each. Thus far, I have started out at 3.5. lbs for two 30 minute sessions. I follow the AM / PM session with about 20-30 minutes of Jelq exercises. I then strap on a 16oz. circle device and wear it for 12-14 hours a day. I have been diligent about standing whenever possible and making sure I am getting a stretch when sitting.

As I get more into PE I am sure that I will add more exercises.

As far as results. I am absolutely astounded. I only wish I had I known that I could have done this years ago! I the past two months, I have gained 2cm in FS and 1.5cm in EL.

The bottom line for me: I think that a good stressfull hang in the AM and PM is key and that a ADS like the circle device is key to keeping your johnny stretched while it repairs and grows. I will note that my current 3lb AM/PM hang is nothing compaired to what I have read but I find that it does work for me, at least for now.

Regarding the cost of the circle device, it is on the cust of highway robbery but I must say that it sure beats three golf weight donuts and I can wear it with business clothes. Also, after a month I fsometimes forget that I have it on. If my gains quit, I will try other protocals.

Golf weights are a whole lot cheaper!

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

I have had my Circle device for 3 years. It is hard to say if it is worth it. You certainly will not see large gains with it alone. By itself, it is not of much value, but as it Chikwok123 says, it does help to keep my unit stretched out during the day. But you have to have something else going. It is a wild feeling to be wearing it when you see some cute chick walking by. The practical issues are that it does slip off (but if you pump for 30 to 60 min before it won’t. But if you pump be sure to tape from just below the head down 2 inches). You have to be standing or walking for it to work no matter what they say. The 12 OZ size is all most of us can wear and that is what mine is. The 16 oz size is only for very large cocks. Conclusion: If you have a lot of money, go ahead, but it is not all that helpful. My advice is to put the money into a JES Extender. I just bought a second one by offering $500 w/o the fancy box. Yes, it is pricey but it does work.

Tell us more about the JES extenteder.

Buck Fush

The JES has been the subject of a number of threads and posts here. The website for sales is A new group is just starting at for those using it or interested in it.

summing up..

It has been some time, but there does not seem to be even 10 people on these forums willing to make a half price offer on these things.
Here are the people definitely interested so far as I can tell:

Skinneed, ERA, kaygeezy, solid.

Are there others?

If we get 1 more person, maybe we can make an offer.

As an example, right now they are
$144 12 Oz
$184 16 Oz.
$315 24 oz.

In my opinion it couldn’t hurt to make an offer.
What amount should we should offer? Do you want to go for 2/3, or 3/4 the price?
So at 2/3:


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

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