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My Girlfriend said those lovely words...

I understand what kind of exercise you are describing. Very interesting and innovative. I believe in it without having tried it yet. I will include it in my routine. It´s a keeper ;)

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I have been doing this exercise by folding my penis completely in half, like 180 degrees, so that the head is down under near the base. I fold downward or to the side, and use one hand to grab this “sandwich” near the base. this one hand clamps the base and at the same time squeezes the head, so that blood is forced to the crease. It seems to me to be the best tunica stretch I have ever done.

Originally Posted by mrorange
” I dont want you to get big headed but you feel massive”

So now I have a huge smile and a girlfriend who has been having allot of fun.. to the point she now has the dreaded honeymoon ailment. Its the first time she has said that to me and we have been living together for quite a few years… and yes she was sober and didn’t want me to pay off her credit card debts!!!!

I can tell you how I did it and it only took me 10 sessions!!!

Guys this is my first ever post but I have been reading the forum for a year and trying different techniques with no real success. I get a real lift when you guys make break throughs and you have all given me some hope. So after another session of Jelqing I decided to have a rest and take a few days to evaluate where I was going wrong. SO for about a week I worked on different grips new ways to engorge my penis and most importantly making a note of my penis pliability or rather density. I found that some days my penis was easy to manipulate and some days regardless of the erection state I felt that for all the puling squeezing and gripping in the world my penis wasn’t responding as well. In days gone by I would have just carried on. I concentrated on the single technique that would give me the most controllable increase in size of my penis.

So now I only do my exercises when my penis is warm and very malleable, this tends to be when my penis is about 10% erect, contrasting my previous 60-70% jelqing state. At this point I can pump blood into my penis and trap it with my grip. I then use one hand to hold the blood in and the other to bend my penis back on itself making sure that the bend ensures maximum expansion of the penis at the bend.. in other words making it as thick as possible, I find at this point if the penis is getting hard then it limits the max thickening of the shaft. The key thing I concentrate on is getting as wide expansion I can get from the bend and hold it for 10secs I work on left and right bends working progressively up the shaft and it only takes 10min. The frequency is every other day, I find every day isn’t as effective though I think thats a personal thing and how my own body adapts.
By purely concentrating on the state of my penis and looking for the most expansion I can get for the least amount of erection has given me the gains. My length has gone up by half an inch and I have gained nearly a whole inch and a half in width… I think my girlfriend noticed the width, I did as I was holding it before I put it in, it felt really heavy in my hand and as I was easing in, I was thinking to myself ” It feels bigger to me and the tape says its bigger will she notice”…. and as I said she did.

So guys my advice is don’t give up hope as you will find the technique, that suits you, try and try, concentrate on the job in your hand and be logical and methodical. Don’t do your exercises, go through the motions and hope for gains like I did for a year…. specialize and personalise.

Good luck

My wife said something like that the other day. It was after a night of a long sex session. She didn’t say anything at the time, but the next morning she said she was sore and told me that I felt like I was bigger than usual. Of course this gave me a big head (No pun intended) and I just smiled and said, “really?” I have gained very little on girth only like 1/8” but I guess women are sensitive enough down there that they can tell any changes what ever they are. So I don’t think I’ll say anything about PEing just yet to her, I’ll just keep my routine going and wait until I hear those words again.

I to end up with it folded in half as well. I start with an erection level usually that will only let me fold 90 degrees. But not all the time either, the erection level is key to this exercise and getting it the right level for full expansion is the hardest part. And I also think thats what makes this exercise so good. It forces you to get the erection level at the exact right firmness. So your not too erect straining your veins against a hard erection that doesn’t allow for expansion.

I’m not ready to say that PE at high erection levels has no merit. But it does seem to me if being hard was going to increase size. We would all be huge with just masturbating. With that said I still think there are other variables when it comes to PE at high erection levels. And I’m not saying working at high erection level is pointless. It is pointless with this exercise however. And probably dangerous as well.

My theory is there are two aspects at work with PE, Expansion, and Pressure. Pressure seems to be more intense at higher erection levels and expansion seems to be more intense at lower erection levels. Doing this exercise or any PE related exercise needs to incorporate both. Not just incorporate but maximize both aspects to the fullest.

This is by far the best exercise I’ve seen yet. And I’m not one of those people that just goes from exercise to exercise. I stayed with jelqing the entire time. I feel like allot of guys don’t get good technique then they move on to the next exercise. I say if you are new you still need to learn to jelq. I would always include new exercises into my routine a little at a time. But this has replaced jelqing as my main exercise.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Ok, just one question.

When you bend the different regions, do always hold the bending hand right above that region?

Like say you were bending the base region, you would have one hand clamping the base, and then the bending hand would be somewhere below midshaft? Or, is the bending hand alway around the penis head and you just bend at the region you want to expand? It seems like you could do it either way.


Guys, trust me, such bends will definately work just as claimed. I tried semi erect bends, back and forth (not sides) after reading a post by a guy called Titan, who had made huge gains very quickly from it. Titan invented the back and forth, semi erect bends. MrOrange has invented an uli style version of it at even lower erection levels, which makes the exercise safer.

The semi erect bends made my dick considerably bigger when erect in just 2 or three sessions. However, it is dangerous when semi erect and it caused a serious complication because of this, which made me give it up before I had made cemented gains. A 10% version should be vastly safer to perform and I am grateful to Mr.Orange for telling us of his discovery and I will now try it out with confidence that it will work incredibly well, due to my previous growth experience from ‘Titan bends’.

Guys, do not doubt Mr.Orange for a second. It will work, if you do it properly. Newbies, please make sure that you have done atleast 2 months of PE before you try this exercise, so that you understand your penis enough to stay safe and have conditioned it enough to withstand such pressures.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

This might sound like a stupid question, but any lub involved. I been peing for about 7-8 months now and usually all exercises exceot strecthing require lube. I would think not though I’ll test out the technique tonight, and hope I have as much gains. If I do I will have reached my goal: 7.5-6.0/6.5. Hell maybe 8.0 Length /6.5-6.7 girth

I do not use lube, and considering there is no stroking lube isn’t needed. Lube would be detrimental I think, because there is gripping and pulling, you need a good grip.

I did my first tub session tonight. And this is a great place to do this exercise. With the warm water you feel more flexible.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

How long do you hold each bend for? 30 seconds?

I took the time to try the exercise today. Overall, I think it can be a very promising exercise for girth since you can actually feel work being done. Still need to figure out what is the best erection level to perform the exercise at and also how to work the base of the penis. Working the base seems a bit difficult since the gripping hand is taking up space at the base. Any have any ideas?


Try using a showlace to clamp off right at the base of the penis, then you can just use one hand to bend and the other to hold it steady if necessary. Of course, be careful when experimentig with any sort of constriction exercises :)

As a newbie (two weeks of PE behind me), and as a guy who needs length more then girth (although I need girth as well), I’m wondering would this be a good exercise for me. I see that mrorange has gained both length and girth with this exercise, but still more girth. And we, newbies, are always instructed - gain length before girth. Anybody’s opinion on this?

I’ve been trying to get the hang of this exercise for about half an hour today with very little success.

First, about this low erection of some 10%. For me, 0% erection is being completely flaccid and interested in sex about as much as a 100 year old monk. A 100% erection is right before ejaculating. So, on this scale, a 10% erection is practically nothing. And trying to do this exercise being 10% erect simply feels to me as playing with my penis as a one year old naked child. So I have increased my erection level, more and more, all the way up to 70 or 80% erect. Once again, my experience is completely different then from most of you guys. I can bend my penis in any direction, almost as much as I want to (even more then 90 degrees), while being 70% erect! And I don’t feel any “danger” while doing that whatsoever.

The other problem I’ve encountered while doing this exercise today is that I can’t keep my erection while doing it, regardless of the grip at the base, so I have to stimulate myself after every 10 second band which is very frustrating.

Nemanja, you are playing with fire! Newbies are liable to get burnt from exercises like these, especially when it is 70% bends. Let me tell you something my friend. When I first tried out semi erect bends at about 70%, I wasn’t even a beginner and everything seemed to be working just great. That is until one day I heard and fealt a ‘crack’ in the left side of my penis whilst doing bends. My heart nearly stopped! I stopped imediately and massaged the area to see if I could feel any pain when I touched the area. It was not painful but there was a dull localised ache. I was shitting myself! I left it alone for a few days to see what happened. Sure enough, after a few days my erections started to curve a little to the left near the head.

I was actually very lucky to get away with just a very small curving. Very lucky! It could have ended so much worse and my fear is that this is what might happen to you if you don’t stop what you are doing right now. Do you really want to take the risk and wind up regretting it for the rest of your life?

Stop 70% erect bends right now Nemanja. I doubt I could convince you to stop doing bends all together, even though you should as a newbie with only two weeks experience. So, please abandon 70-80% bends and start with say 20%. 30% maximum. That is 20% before you kegel and quickly clamp your grip round. The shaft and glans will apear to be more erect after gripping.

By the way, I too cannot maintain the level of erection when gripping but a quick loosening of the grip, followed by a quick kegel and regripping does the job every time when using 20%.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

You snapped your penis!? Is that even possible?


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