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My Girlfriend said those lovely words...

A few questions regarding this, so that I am sure that I know what is going on. This is a two handed exercise, one hand always at the base, the other hand moving from close to the base-hand, to all the way at the penis head? Also, there is no real jelqing involved, more like a uli with the base hand and upward and downward pressure with the other hand?
How long do you bend for?


It really is a uli at very low erection level with bends.

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I’m picturing flopping a slinky back-and-forth from hand to hand here. Kind of like rolling the bend up and down your shaft??

First of all, congratulations on your gains mr0, to read someone sucessfull story is one of my greatest joy!

Secondly, the excercise mr0 and deadeye are trying to explain, I can’t get some part of the picture. It would be great some kind of drawing/movie to help people not fluent in English to understand.

Can any of you both help us on that matter?



could you describe what you mean by lumps that show you what you are doing is working.


haha - that’s what I’ve tried, and I must say I’m surprised. It nicely plumps out my penis, and does cause extreme stress (got blood spots near glans). A good warm up exercise before clamping - it’s going into my book :)

MrOrange WHERE DID YOU GO! What a tease. He blows through dropping this HUGE gain making technique and then disappears only posting TWICE!! Help me Orangey-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!!


orangey wan kenobie! Good one!

what about you?

have you experienced any gains like mr orange yet?

sorry that was to deadeye

I too would like some more information about this exercise. I don’t know about you guys, but to me it sounds like doing a sadsak slinky, but at 10%. I sure I’m mistaken, so can you enlighten me? Deadeye, you seem to know what you are talking about.

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Deadeye, do you think that it would be safe for a newbie to try this exercise? I’ve been PEing for two weeks.

Although the questions were aimed at Deadeye, I will add my answer.

Tragedy - that’s what I’ve been doing for 10-15 minutes prior to clamping. It produces decent expansion (especially since it’s almost a flaccid exercise!) and gives a good heavy feeling to the penis. It also servers as a thorough warm up for more stressful exercises.

Nemanja - Yes, but go easy and listen to your penis. Roll gently without forcing too much into the bend. If it hurts you’re pushing too hard. It won’t take long for you to get used to what feels good.

WTF I’m not understanding. You grab your penis at the base, and the other hand goes on the head and you bend it while using your base hand to go up the shaft while kegelin. At an erection where you can still bend? I’m I getting it

(orangey or dead eye.)

If anyone who knows how to do it, and comes to the board frequently can you make a movie, or draw it out, because the explanations aren’t that great telling where your hands should be or what to actually do in-between, etc.

I grab the base in the basic OK grip. With the other hand I grab the head and bend it back, down, to the side. I’m new to this as well so I keep doing different things feeling the expansion and trying to maximize expansion with the different angles. If the erection is a little high I squeeze the head a little more and bend it back. It will only bend a small amount. When you have the proper erection level you will get a good 90 degree bend angle. If you can’t bend it at least 45 degree’s your erection level is to high! I kegel without touching it to let the erection get to the right level, or I’ll do the c grip jelq method until it goes down. You should not bend a hard erection!

The concept of this exercise is at the point of the bend there is extreme pressure and expansion. I work from three basic positions. The base, mid shaft, and just under the head (top shaft).

The base:
I start here, from here you can have the highest erection level. From the base I use the OK grip with one finger and my thumb as my grip. I have noticed that backward bends work the base better than downward bends. I still do both.

Mid shaft.
I work the mid shaft by including another finger on the base. The bends are still the same, but with the extra finger added it moves the bend up the shaft.

Top shaft:
Again I just add another finger to the base hand and do the bends the same way.

You will notice the erection level is going down but the pressure is getting higher as you force more and more blood into the shaft. It doesn’t hurt you should only feel the expansion and pressure at the point of the bend. It doesn’t feel good either don’t get me wrong.

If you haven’t tried to do it it is very hard to understand. But once you try it it will become quite clear. It is very awkward at first but you will figure out ways of bend your arms and hands to get the results your looking for.

I’d say it’s very safe for a newbie because it’s at such low erection levels. And keep the erection low so you can get expansion.
This is also a very good exercise to do before sex ( a mild version for pre sex prep). It pumps you up very large and it doesn’t fatigue you like jelqing. There is very little fatigue because there isn’t any stroking involved.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now. I don’t measure but I can say it is feeling fuller and hanging lower. This is all I do other than a little c grip jelqing with kegels if the erection gets too high.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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