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My Girlfriend said those lovely words...

Thanks Muchly!!

I think I’ve got this down now, and have done it for a few days. Looks promising but time will tell!! Everyone please keep this updated on any/all results, comments, and observations.

Ok I tried it and liked it
Haha thks for the descriptions, is this what you meant ?

Let me have a crack at explaining it

Do we all know what a ‘mandrel’ bend is ? Where a piece of pipe is put in a jig and bent 90 degrees ?
Well what is happening is the same thing where the outside of the the penis being bent is getting stretched

I worked up to an erection where I could feel a good stretch with 90 to 180 degree bend and did the following

-Held the base of the unit with an ‘ok’ grip
-Put the palm of my hand on the unit above the grip, and pushed the unit over my thumb and forefinger as far as I could, bending it back on itself
-This resulted in a rolling and stretching feeling similar to bending a pipe
-I did this in all directions, side to side was best, but for this I had to grip the unit not use the palm of my hand
-Lastly I worked my way up the shaft, moving my ok grip up the shaft also


Thank you for the answers? But I have some more.

So do I get this right? You only bend or you do also do waves when you bend? Or do you do some normal bending and wave bending? And what is rolling?? please discribe that for me.



Sorry I ment Can you describe what the twist thing is?

I am also having difficulty doing this. I spent about half an hour today with very little luck. I’d (and im sure many other ‘members’ of the board) would appreciate seeing pics or video of this so that we can better emulate it! I grabbed my penis in my right hand at the base, and attempted to bend at various positions up and down the shaft, but I really don’t think I’m doing this right. More help would be appreciated!


I grab at the base with the left hand, then place the flat of my right hand against my glans. Pushing back into the body (trying to shorten your penis), I then move my right hand up and down to bend the penis. I’ll have a go at doing a video.. but I’m not promising anything! :)

In fact, just go have a look at Ocifar’s video of the “Sadsak slinky”. That’s what I do, but at a lower erection level.

Yes, that is what i have been doing. But deadeye talked about something like a twist?

Yes, I also didn’t understand the twist thing. Deadeye?

Deadeye, I just read the tutorial for pumped bends and Sadsak slinkies and it mentions to “Gradually ease into an arced bend, pushing only as far as feels comfortable. Err on the side of caution. If the penis does not bend into an even arc but rather appears to bend at a single point the exercise should be discontinued, as either the penis has an overly weak area or it is still erect.”

I guess because “Orange bends” are done with less blood in the penis it is OK to actually bend the penis at 90 and 180 degrees.
Is that right?

Great! Now we’ve lost deadeye! I think MrOrange was a defecting porn star and was “taken out” to keep this secret exercise from getting to the PE “public”. And now that Deadeye has figured it out, they’ve killed him as well!! Will the madness ever end!?!?!


Patience guys. I am sure all will be figured out in due course. No one man has all the answers to your questions and even if he did, it is clear now that the descriptions would confuse many of you.

You need to conduct your own experiments, just as Mr.Orange did. I have found this exercise is very simple to understand and apply.

Bluenun, yes it is an exercise that is only safe when the erection level is not too high, so that the penis is at just the right pliability to bend in an even arch rather than bend in a crease. So long as you guys experiment whilst keeping the erection level safe, you will perfect something that works for you. Just be patient.

I have noticed that after doing this exercise for a while, I reach a point where my penis starts to feel every so slightly numb and really well worked. This is the point to call it a day. To do any more would just overtrain the penis and make growth less likely. As soon as your penis starts to take on an unusual sensation, yet not unpleasant, you have done more than enough. It’s hard to describe the sensation it causes but it is like a feeling of it being thoroughly stretched, slightly fatigued and as if mint oil, or menthol has been rubbed into it. A slighty cool numbness but very subtle. For the next day or two you get regular, raging hard ons throughout the day and night. It’s funny though because for the first few minutes the exercise feels like it lacks intensity and you wonder how it could ever work. Then after 10-15 minutes a change in the sensation occurs and it feels thoroughly worked all of a sudden.

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Experiment with the concept guys. I’m just like you, I read what MrO wrote and I messed around with it until I got somewhere. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and I can’t make the claim of making huge gains like MrO has. So I hesitate whenever asked a question on specifics.

This is all I can say. Try to maximize expansion, and pressure, with bends at a low erection level. Thats it in a nut shell. The logistics are what you’ll be working on.

I was just trying to give you guys some ideas and things that I came up with. The twist I was referring to was in a downward bend, turn it so that the profile of the head is now facing you. Then bend down and hold. I do this to the right and the left.

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Originally Posted by deadeye3200

I can’t make the claim of making huge gains like MrO has.

Did you have any gains with this?

How long is the bend in each direction held for?


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