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Morning Wood

Originally Posted by sparkyx
EQ is just that, Erectile Quality. That includes, frequency, duration, ease of erection, hardness, nite and morning wood.

Nite and morning wood are just TWO aspects of the totally. Improved EQ means one or more or all of the catagories are improving.

So, if nite and morning wood doesn’t change, yet you are getting much easier wood, harder wood, longer lasting wood, that is a DEFINITE improvement of EQ.

I guess some guys may not see improvement of nite or morning wood at all, yet if the other catagories are is definitely improved EQ.

I was seeing morning woods every morning at 4 am for the last 2 weeks with the exception of the last 4 days.
There was a time I could not get an erection period, eventually I was able to get them rock hard ones again. Then around April the spontaneous ones came back. Then a few weeks ago the morning glory!

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You stay up all night to check the time KP?

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I only notice morning wood when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Sort of have to bend over and pee.. But none when I wake up in the morning proper. Is this normal?

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Originally Posted by aom91
You stay up all night to check the time KP?

Actually I have my peasants the phlebians check the time.

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I don`t really know if this info might help but here it what I have noticed.

I generally get no morning wood if I overmasturbated(5),I am physically exhausted and do not drink lot of water. About the water factor, I make sure I drink 2 glasses of water before bedtime, it seems to work for me, touch wood.

Another thing I found out, if I go two nights without sleep and worrying a lot, I hardly no morning wood.

Hope this helps mate.

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Since Thursday I decided to increase my stretching time and to jelq downward only. From Friday onwards I seem to be getting no morning wood and find it hard to obtain an erection. This was due to ligament fatigue I think, I am going to rest till Monday. It did happen before(see previous post) and rest seems to be the answer.

Perhaps you are P.Eing too hard and need rest.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life


You are right, I completely overlooked this factor.

Thank you Phyriel.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Originally Posted by Phyriel

Guys you forgot about that fact that you are having morning erections but do not notice, this happens to me sometimes.

Agreed. Happens to me a well. Sometimes I would get up at like 4 and see that I have wood. But get up at 6 or 7 and notice that sometimes I don’t have any, or I have a semi erection.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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I am an old man, and I awake at least 2-3 times every night with a hardon, but very seldom have one in the morning. There is nothing wrong with that, just so you are getting wood sometime during the night or morning.

A couple months back, I had my first in 30 + years a wet dream. Needless to say, I was extremely shocked…….

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As a now 24 year old with serious ED. I can say that it’s less than once every 2 months that I wake up with morning wood. And on the rare occasion that I do get it, it’s far from full.

It’s such a rare sensation that having it usually wakes me up now.

One of many tests I had, sounds similar to what you mentioned Marcus J.

The nocturnal “rigiscan”

I’ve explained in another thread how the device and test go, I won’t do that here and now. Suffice to say that the device showed me having a reasonable number of arousals, but none of them exceeded “70%” at any point in the evening.

I’m just posting this because you seem to be seeking information. And I can tell you that, lack of morning wood, serious ED, and poor results on a rigiscan (which I think is what you took), all do in fact go hand in hand.

Formula you mentioned that you couldn’t do PE, because it hurts too much.

Is it the act of PE that hurts you? Or are you like me and your penis hurts, every second of every day?

If so I actually found a forum, long before I found thunders where there are a few people like us. I don’t know if it would help you. But, if you’re interested.

Sparkyx suggested to OP that he consider testing to rule out CV disease, as a factor contributing to lack of morning.

Subsequent poster stated that this was extreme, and likely to needlessly worry the OP (since he was 28 years old, and unlikely to have CV disease).

Actually, there can be substantial degradation of the cardiovascular system by age 28. I remember in my pathophysiology class in college, our instructor said that she wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of the students in our class had over 50% occlusion of coronary arteries, just by virtue of being on Standard American Diet. (The median age of my class was 28.) This may be somewhat of an overstatement, but the idea stuck with me that:

Significant degree of occlusion of coronary, and other, arteries may occur well before the emergence of heart attacks and other obvious signs of disease. Our modern diet of processed foods likely is doing damage well before we are diagnosable with a condition.

So Sparkyx’s suggestion was a valid one, I would say.

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Two things, somewhat related, I believe, and also to the ongoing debate here:

1. When I started doing PE for the first time about 3 years ago, at age 31, I had not had consistent, lasting, noticeable morning wood in quite some time. I was probably no older than 27 when I stopped noticing morning wood on the regular.
After beginning a basic regimen of jelqing (I mostly use a jar-lifter “auto-jelquer” i made) I noticed not only an EQ difference in the sack, but my morning wood came back with a vengeance. It was like being a kid again.

2. I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I am a chronic and habitual pot smoker. I mean like I maintenance buzz most days, starting with my cup of coffee, and ending with my nightcap liquor drink (healthy lifestyle, right? doh)

Anytime I do try to start a regimen of cardiovascular or strength training (even though I have almost no body fat, <170lb, <34 waist) it is always *immediately apparent* my absolute lack of oxygen exchange capacity, in my lungs, in my muscles, represented in my piss poor endurance and easy fatigue.
I am 100% convinced that there is more than a slight causal relationship here, and a quick read of any of the lists out there of “ways to improve your erection quality” will immediately put you in touch with the reality that cardiovascular condition is a pretty strong component of overall healthy sex organ function for men.

Reading over some of the early comments and arguments in this thread was a somewhat discouraging lesson on in-fighting because I think we all do, or *should* know and understand the importance of cardiovascular health towards penile function.
Perhaps the contributing poster was in error to over-zealously suggest to a youngster that they may have cardiovascular disease. That seems somewhat irrelevant to me though, because the take away from the conversation should be that anyone seeking to improve the function of their dick should take on this challenge *in a comprehensive fashion* that starts first and foremost with a realistic and scrutinizing self-evaluation.

Look, before starting *any* exercise regimen, you always see and hear the following: “Check with your doctor or physician to ensure that you are in suitable health before starting this or any other program of … [blah blah blah]”
This phrase begs attention. If you are aiming to improve the function of your dick, and you think you may be even just moderately out of general physical condition. I truly believe you should make *that* a focal part of your overall goal of sexual health.
Your dick needs blood, like any other muscle or organ. Blood and oxygen. Improving your cardiovascular condition is important. So is the muscle tone in that entire area, I am sure.

I guess I am saying, sure the case of CV was overstated. But it couldn’t hurt for those who have reason to suspect some form of erectile inefficiency (not ED perhaps, but, “hey where’d my morning wood go?”) to simply evaluate their own generalized health (or fuck it, go get an exam) and ask, “am i generally in cardiovascular shape? If i do 50 jumping jacks do I feel dizzy? Can I do 100? Can i do 20 pushups? 50 situps? If i do squats with my own weight only, do I feel like my legs are falling off afterwards?” If these kinds of questions bring an unsatisfactory response, *work on those items* for your dicks’ sake!

I know I have taken this lesson in spades, having recently reactivated a general conditioning regime as well.

Just sayin.

Is it cheating to drink alot of water before bed to ensure a solid morning wood?


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