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Mom found out

Time was up…

The next goes a little bit farther.

When I read BG post about Pe becoming a lifestyle I thought about it. The next day I had no time to hang. So I hung in the toilet of the train. Standing, with my backsack on my redistretcher. (5 lbs) People came knocking on the the door. I just said this one is taken”. One person kicked against the door. I just kicked back hard, to make them think that there is a crazy guy in the toilet.

First I repeated a few steps in my head for if the conductors would come if they wanted to see my ticket;
Saying “a minute I am taking a dump. Stretcher off and and law book/coffee in the backsack/Pants up while leaning against the door for if they may open it/jacket on. Also thinking how fast I would do it.
(Don’t want to create any crazy thoughts. I am many time’s in that train. If they have to take me out of the toilet too much, they will tell there collegue’s)

I hung for an hour in hangtime. I had an thermoscan with me with coffee, So I could drink. My mp3 was on with some chill music and I read some laws over in my bundle.

After it I put on my pe weights and my homedic wrist wrap and laughed about it. I even called my Pe friend Vanloon on thunders while doing it.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Originally Posted by gameofinches
LoL,, no I don’t think she will come on here, only one account per comp right? WHatever, right now my only foucs is trying to get that damn captn wench to stay put.

You’ll know your Mom’s a member if she stops you tomorrow and says “<your name>, I’ve heard that vacuum hanging is MUCH safer than using the Wench”. LOL!

Could you imagine your concerned and conscienscious Mom giving you hanging pointers. Who knows it may evolve into her being your personal trainer. :D

She sounds pretty cool! In fact, a lot of you guys seem to have cool and understanding Moms.

So why not use a different username and have a special password that you enter everytime yoiu come on line here. That way they won’t get to see anything unless you tell them your password.

That’s some cold shit GOI, I feel for you…I bet you’ll keep a tight rein over your Emails now huh? Perhaps you should now be called gameofhide&seek…:p

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- Leighann Lord

Embarrassing your mum catching you stretching your dick man -

When I was about 13 my Mum caught me humping my pillow - Now THAT is embarassing !!

Originally Posted by Tube

She most likely wants to make sure you do not get injured so will monitor you. Hi gameofinches mom!

Think in her shoes. She might be worried that you would injure yourself and she will have no grandchildren to cuddle.

Originally Posted by gameofinches
LoL,, no I don’t think she will come on here, only one account per comp right?

Perhaps Thunder’s Place can bend this requirement for you and your mom.
There must be members (e.g. brothers) who stay in the same household and use the same computer but log in as different users.

Alternatively, she could log in using your account.
Sounds like a good idea as she can help you do the research, post on behalf of you, monitor your progress and become your personal trainer!

Originally Posted by GOI
If anyone runs into her, say this shit works.

How about I show her this shit works?

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

I think Lostinspace is on to something (strange that).

As she already knows Game, get her to join the forum - she can then increase her knowledge and understand that this isn’t about injuring yourself, isn’t a cure for self image problems, and isn’t totally off the walrus (goo goo g’joob ).

The game is up, so full disclosure might at least work to allow her to feel that you are safe.

If she quoted actionlove.con at you, you can point her at the Dr Lin thread.

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I like mem’s idea, have Momma Game join. Game never follows my training advice, I’ve led him to water but he won’t drink, maybe Momma G would shove his snout in the creek :)

Ah, I can hear it know, at Chez Game…”Son, get away from there, you can’t beat your meat until you’ve done your stretches and jelqs!”*…mom assisted PE would definitely have to have some well defined limits. Mother do you think I’ll break my dick?*

* adapted from lyrics by Master Waters, Pink Floyd

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Originally Posted by memento
I think Lostinspace is on to something (strange that).

I don’t know whether Lostinspace is referring to me. If it is, you are the only one who has created and use this in place of my username and I don’t know for what reasons.
All others have referred to me as losthorizon, lh or lost.

On to something? What do you mean?

I really think your mom was out of line. It sounds like she thinks you must be aflicted with a terrible insecurity, so she’s rushing in with the chicken soup to make all or your bad feelings go away.

As a person over 18 (I hope), you are simply entitled to more space and discretion than she has shown. She may be thinking that she acted out of love for you, but I see her actions as an unwanted invasion into your privacy.

It’s time for Mom to step down. If I were you I would tell her that, although you appreciate her concern, it is really a private matter that is your sole discretion to share with her or not. I would not have long discussions about it unless you want to.

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I feel you on how incredibly embarrassing it must have been. What man hasn’t been caught catching up on his “personal time” by his mom? On the other hand it sounds like you do have a very good relationship with your mother; she wants you to be confident and secure with yourself and stumbling on this must have triggered all that mothering need to “fix you”.

I definitely also empathize with 8ball. In high school my little sister (who was an absolute terror) raided my room and found my pump. She first came prancing into the kitchen, brandishing it like a soccer trophy, to show off to dad, mom and (a totally mortified) yours truly. THEN when I had my then gf over she walked through the room and casually asked “does Nancy use the pump on you or do you do that before she comes over.” THANKFULLY my gf knew abt the pump before all of this, but I seriously wanted to skin my sister alive after that.


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