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Mom found out

So she didn’t wash you when you were younger?

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Don’t remember - But certainly not since my bollocks dropped.

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Originally Posted by gameofinches
Well, last night I casually srolled in at about midnight, coming home from my girlfriends house and my mom informs me that she wants to talk..

I was thinking this was a curfew talk…

NO! She was snooping through my emails and found out about my PE. She then printed out a whoe bunch of sources saying that 90% of men fall within the 5-7 range and that if I was my fathers son I should be fine, yada yada, then she told me how this doesn’t work and all thta.

And most embarrasing of all, on all the things she printed out, she high lighted key points, all shit I alread knew! Like that it takes clitoral stimulation for a woamn to orgasm and 50% can;t have vaginal orgasms, she things I’m bad in bed for godsakes! When in all reality, I’m fucking great, and my girlfriend is one of the few who multi-orgasm!!!

Everything she printed out was about how jelqing and pumping is only temprorary, so I didn’t even bother talking about how it takes months, and that the ligaments CAN be stretched, it was simply put, the worst 5 min of my life, and me and my mom have a very open relationship and she is an extreme liberal, so we got over it, but I was pissed.

Sorry about the rants, just thought I would shar that with you guys.

HAHAHA that’s amazing!

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

LostHorizon, she had asked my brother and he denied it like he usually does. So she figured she would ask me and my other brother “just to be certain”

I felt flattered…but more sorry for dad.

Haven’t had the operation yet, its scheduled for the 9th. Really looking forward to it. Luckily they weren’t erect, what would have been tough to explain.

My Goal...To Look good NAKED

Originally Posted by BlakeT
I felt flattered…but more sorry for dad.

Why don’t you introduce your dad to Thunder’s Place?
He might be very thankful that he has such a considerate son who has his welfare at heart.
Perhaps we might have 1 dad and 3 sons team, all engaged in the same hobby and having common aspirations, in Thunder’s Place!
And you don’t need to do anything in stealth in the future.

Originally Posted by BlakeT
Haven’t had the operation yet, its scheduled for the 9th. Really looking forward to it.

Wish you the best for your operation.

Could you post your after-operation pic?
But make sure you remember to delete your recent documents from your mom’s computer.
Actually you don’t need to. You can do it openly since you’d already told your mum’s that you are taking pics before and after the operation.

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Originally Posted by Bird2
I also live with my parents and they asked me some difficult problems too. I told my mom about kegels and how it will enhance her sex life. She does them daily now.

I also told about the book “multi orgasmic man” and convinced my mom that PE are exercises which I have to preform to become multi orgasmic. She stopped whining after I told her this.

I have the Multi Orgasmic Man laying out on my night stand. Pretty good book. When I was into that book I was able to multi-orgasm and have insane first orgasms, but I can’t any more. The second orgasms were never as good as the first for me, anyway.

But dude, mom and kegels… I don’t want to hear it.

I woule never tell my mom openly, you guys are nutts.

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- Leighann Lord

Originally Posted by gameofinches

I woule never tell my mom openly, you guys are nutts.

Agreed. It is awkward to tell moms even if they are open-minded moms.

I guess it is easier to tell open-minded dads since dads, like many men, might also have dick insecurity?

Originally Posted by BlakeT
She thought my brother was looking at porn on her computer again.

She was probably perturbed that her sons were watching gay porns. What a relief when she knew that it was you.

Originally Posted by BlakeT
she had asked my brother and he denied it like he usually does. So she figured she would ask me and my other brother “just to be certain”

She must be a busy mom. If it is not A and B, then it must be C.

Originally Posted by BlakeT
she said there were pics of some guy with a huge dick and pretty big balls.
I felt flattered…but more sorry for dad.

Your mom and dad are probably proud of you.

BlakeT you mentioned you felt sorry for your dad. Did your mom say something about his size when she discovered your pics?

Oh so funny.

Originally Posted by itsgotime
As wierd as it may sound, right when I found thunders place, I told mom about it and asked her all types of questions. How big was dad, how was it, did you like, do you think this will work, etc.. Yeah, I was always a curious kid and me and mom always had a good, open relationship and I could always trust her reaction wouldn’t be harsh. Mom and my sisters know I have been doing PE for the past 9 mos. They think it’s rediculous but my obsession says otherwise. As a matter of fact, my sis JUST NOW knocked on my locked door. I told her I was excersizing, she knows what I mean ;) .

Very cool! I can’t imagine telling my parents or my Bro about PE, telling my gf was hard enough, because, shit, did I feel self-conscious! “But why??? Why do you want to make it bigger???” Yeah, try to explain that to a woman. lol

Anyways, I did discuss dick size with Mom though, always could talk about anything with Mom, asked her how big Dad was. “I will measure tonight,” was her cool reply. Or once asked her, “Did you have an orgasm when you conceived me?” lol She didn’t know because she’s clueless as to when she conceived me, but from the sounds I heard from Mom&Dad’s bedroom as a child, I’m certain they weren’t the result of a headache.

oh come on - what’s so weird about talking about your cock to a woman through whose vagina you have slid? :D

Since you put it like that, I’m certain more guys will start talking to Mom about their cock. :D

I don’t believe in “penis-inheritment”. My dad is huge like a pornstar, I’m average :~(.


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