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Measuring my curve

Measuring my curve

I just wanted to see if anyone was dealing with a curved penis. My penis has a strong curvature straight up, and it also grows out of the body at an upward angle. The problem is when I measure from the top, I get an inch less than when I measure from the side NBP. Can someone give me some advice as to how they would measure?

I would say to measure from the top and press your penis against the ruler. You always gain by measuring from the side.

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I’d try using something that can comform to your penis to measure length from the top. That way it follow the bends along the top giving you a better indication of length.

Just use a cloth ruler used by dress shops… :)


Darth Penar

Most of us have a curve of some sort. I have a slight bend up, which measuring on top (I believe is the standard we use) would give me a shorter length if I didn’t straighten my dick, pulling it up against the ruler.

Either use a cloth ruler measuring along the top “curve” or a hard ruler with your dick straighten out against the ruler.

Also most with a curved up dick, enjoy the places inside the females that we find to put it and rub. Wife totally enjoys my dick rubbing her G-spot and possibly her opening (can’t remember the name).

Like you and others Darth, I’m blessed with the big up-sweep, and I measure shorter on the top with a hard ruler. The important thing is consistency. You’re not measuring to impress anybody, rather, just so you can judge your own progress down the road, for yourself. Measuring from the top gives the benefit of having a solid anchor point (pelvic bone) to press against which doesn’t move from measurement to measurement, giving better consistency. Whatever you decide, just make sure you stick with it for the future.

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Thank you very much guys. All of your comments are greatly appreciated, best of luck to all of you.

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