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- Girth Measuring Device [with pics]


- Girth Measuring Device [with pics]


I was constantly frustrated in my attempts to measure girth as using normal measuring tape was always too cumbersome. Trying to wrap it round in the correct place at the correct point on the shaft and trying to take an accurate measurement as my boner flagged meant my measurements were useless. To overcome this I made a special measuring device that would be easier to operate and more reliable.

It’s worked very well and I think would be useful for some people here who’ve posted about girth measuring problems so I will also explain how to make it.

Here is a picture of the completed device:

Link to Attachment: GMD_Pen.jpg

To use, the loop is adjusted to a large size then placed over the object to be measured. To measure, pull the tape through the slit in the tab while holding the tab against the object.

Link to Attachment: GMD_Demo.jpg

The measurement is easily read from the tape.

An added bonus of this device is that you can pre-attach it when measuring girth. IE, hook it over your penis with some slack in the tape, get a large boner via your chosen method, then quickly just pull the tape taught and make a reading. Your wang doesn’t have time to shy away if you do this quickly , unlike when you have to fumble around with a plain measuring tape.


Really this is a very simple tool, feel free to use your intuition and modify the idea to fit what you are using. However I will endeavour to explain everything completely for those who want it:

You will need:

Link to Attachment: GMD_Materials.jpg

  • Clear Sellotape
  • CD Markers or any pen that has the balls to write on plastic. Having several colours is handy.
  • Scissors - good ones, you will want some sharp fine paper scissors.
  • A small piece of card. The thinner the better but it has to be strong also! Cereal-box card is ideal.
  • The tape material. This is crucial. I have used some plastic ribbon that I found lying around, it is sold on rolls as a Christmas decoration. Anything will do as long as your markers can write on it and it is flexible yet hard to stretch.

  1. First, cut the card into a small rectangle. The size will vary depending on the tape you use: it must be substantially wider than the tape so a slit can be made without tearing the card in two, and it must be long enough to attach the tape opposite the slit.

    Fig 1: Link to Attachment: GMD_Tab.jpg

  2. Now attach the tape to the card as shown in Fig 1. Make sure that it will not easily pull off the card. It should be fixed securely to prevent any ‘give’ when measuring.
  3. Make a slit in the card tab as seen in Fig 1. If your scissors are good you may use them, otherwise a thin knife will do the trick. Try fitting the other end of the tape through the slit, pull it back and forth if need be to smooth the inside of the slit. (double entendre reaching breaking point I know. Bear with me)
  4. Now for the time consuming part. Sellotape your contraption lightly against a ruler, with 0 on the ruler lined up with the slit. You can mark as you want, I’d start by marking each inch first, then doing subdivisions. Numbering each inch is a good idea too. See Fig 2.

    Fig 2: Link to Attachment: GMD_Loop.jpg

  5. Here’s the tricky bit: now you must laminate the tape. Very carefully, cut some sellotape very thin and long, and then place the tape marked side down onto the sellotape. Now fold the edges of the sellotape back onto the non-marking side of the tape and stick down securely. This will toughen the tape and ensure the markings cannot be rubbed off.

    I tried to take some pictures of this process but it’s impossible to photograph the sellotape properly. Hopefully you can see from Fig 2 how the lamination was done.

  6. Thread the tape through the slit and there you have it. You have created the measuring device.

Hope this is helpful, trying to help others as they’ve helped me on this forum. If you have any questions or feedback post here.
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Thank you very much for sharing :up:

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Great post! I don’t think I’ve ever put much heart into keeping track of my girth. Right now I’m obsessed with length- but when girth comes into my point of interest, I’ll look for this thread again!

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Why don’t you just save it as a favorite wt282. Just a thought to save you your precious time.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Great idea.

Thanks for sharing.

Awesome thanks very much :) I’ll rig one up.

Nice! :up:

Thanks Olaf. Very clever idea.

Awesome idea.

The ingenuity at thunder’s is top notch

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I have been thinking of making one of those girth measuring devices all since I started PE.
I had exactly the same idea as you have, but I thought of using some existing gadget.
I have lots of plastic cable straps that are used to bundle cables together.
The problem with these are that they can only be tightened, not loosened (hell of a clamping device, heh :) ).
However, by removing the small piece of metal that stops the loosening movement, I guess one of those straps could be used as a girth measuring gadget.

I might try it one day.


Have to thank you again Olaf. Just got that time to make one of these today and it works like a charm. Correctly measured my mid shaft girth at 5 3/4 so thanks alot man.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.



Yes it is, this thread should get some fucking attention. That is all.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Nice, I’ve had measuring problems in the past, this looks like a good solution.

Cheers for posting it Olaf.

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