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Why the emphasis on upward curve?

Why the emphasis on upward curve?

Why is an upward curve considered a great thing? I mean, I understand that it hits the g-spot during sex, but…

I see a downward curve being just as good. I have a slight downward curve and it makes any (from behind) position extremely pleasureable for the same reason.

As far as I see it, it really doesn’t matter. Upward curve? Fuck her on top if you want to stimulate the g-spot. Downward curve? From behind. No curve? Well, at least it’s a nice straight dick :) .

All I’m saying is, be happy with what you got because it can definately be put to good use in some way or another!

That is the attitude we have to embark on. We should be happy with what we have, and try to find good use of it…

I have an upward curve and I hate it because it makes true doggy style uncomfortable for my wife. It also seems to make it harder for her to take in all the way into her throat unless I’m upsidedown in 69 (where I can’t see the wonderful work she’s doing).

Curving down would be nice, but mostly, I’d rather be plain straight out. I’m hoping the PM will help straighten my curve, but I don’t put much hope in that. We’ll see, it should arrive in a week or so.


Weird, I have a medium upward curved penis, and I have no troubles with doggystyle! And I do hit bottom during this position, and it is one of the favourite positions of my girlfriend.

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