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What is the "official" measuring technique?


What is the "official" measuring technique?

I noticed that if I measure erect length with a cloth tape or a string I get a larger number than if I measure with a ruler. The reason for this is most likely that my member has a downward curve.

When measuring with the ruler the measurment is more bone pressed too, since it´s easier to push a hard ruler into the fat on my lower belly, than it is with a cloth band.

These two measuring techniques are quite different: With the ruler you can bone press but you can´t follow the curve. With a tape you can´t bone press, but you follow the curve all the way to the urine opening.

Here is my question: What is the “official” (if there is such a thing) measuring technique? Should one use a ruler or a tape?


I say measure with the device that gives you bigger readings. ;) Seriously, you should use a cloth tape because the curve may change quite a bit. Use the same measure everytime in order to clarify the gains.

A Man behind his mask.

Nice set of cojones in that picture Johan…lol

I´ve always measured with a ruler but I think I´m gonna put it back in the drawer and use a cloth tape from now on, since it actually measures the whole penis, and not just the straight distance from point A to point B.

I still wonder what they use in surveys…Rulers or tapes?


for consistency (and allowing easy comparison) use size’s instructions.


Thanks for the link memento.

Size is recommending having the ruler either side of the penis and not on top of it. Is there a reason for that? Also, in those pictures P9 posted, he has placed the ruler on top.


Just thought of something…Remember that guy called “mkeycrash” or something like that? He had a yahoo club with pictures of his HUGE dick. It looks really scary…

Anyway, in those pictures you can see that he has an serious downward curve, it almost looks like he has suffered some kind om trauma/broken penis in the past.

Now, if he would measure his member with a ruler, I bet the measurment wouldn´t be too impressive since he is so curved. A tape, on the other hand, would measure the total length of that massive organ.

Gah, I´m ramblin…


Thanks again memento.

That was a great thread although it made me more confused about the right way to measure. I have to admit that I can see where newbie is coming from; I too have had lots of fluctations when measuring bone pressed and I totally understand the pain aspect of bone pressing. I mean, when is hard enough hard enough?

I can´t say that I have ever pressed againt the pubic bone and felt the same feeling as when you press somewhere else on the body where bone is just under the skin (the wrists for example). Pressing something hard (i.e. a ruler) against the bone in your wrist is for me a totally different experience than pressing something hard against the pubic bone.

In the thread you posted someone mentioned that bone pressed (with a ruler, I suppose) was the “scientific” way. Is that true? Is using a ruler the industry standard when doing size surveys?


I don't want to rain on the bonepressed parade but..

I can’t give myself credit for it. I don’t know why other than that I was always used measuring nbp before PE. I do measure BP for recording gains accurately, but if a women sitting next to me turns and says” how big is your dick”? I’d say seven and a quarter, not eight.


If you are getting massive fluctuation thats suprising but take three measurements and then average them out. Are you pushing your erect penis to the ruler?

Rulers are good for BPEL cause they are hard, and whats a little pain ;) You could always add a minimal bit of non-spongy padding to the end or something to increase the area you press in.

Um, as to it being a scientific method, yes and no. Not everyone uses it and as nick7 points out its not what you have projecting from your body and can therefore easily thrust into another :) In PE terms its great though cause it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your workout.


Personaly, I’d say ‘come with me and I’ll show you’ in answer to that question.

Official technique or not, I´m going to measure with cloth tape NBP for the next couple of months and see how I like it. Reasons for that?

1. BP hurts like f%&k
2. BP has never been consistant for me (see 1)
3. Rulers are completely straight, penises are not (well, Peter North´s is…).
4. (Bonus reason, not that important for PE) It gives me a measurement of the visible part of my member, just in case some woman decides to check if I´m all mouth…lol

Take care,

hey, its your call but remember others are using bone pressed a lot and don’t get depressed if you go down a bit after a few pizza’s and a quart of beer.

oh and

1. try using lil12big1’s tip of pushing to the bone with a finger first.
2. then you are probably not doing it right.
3. penises can be made to be straight
4. Well good to measure that anyway when finding out what the average difference is for you between NBP and BP and for setting targets.


Yeah, I´m pushing him against the ruler. I guess I´m over-sensitive above the root, it´s just very, very unpleasant to push hard against that area, even if it not something sharp, like the fingers.

I´m gonna try the cloth tape instead. It feels better to just let it hang on the upside of my dick, from root to tip.


Originally posted by memento
hey, its your call but remember others are using bone pressed a lot and don't get depressed if you go down a bit after a few pizza's and a quart of beer.

LOL! I guess I have to keep fit for the sake of measurments then. Well, PE is a as good reason as any to try to keep your weight.


um, are you trying to bury the ruler end in and under the bone? I’m getting visions of harikari in completely the wrong area.

One reason for going to the side is that you can be on the bone and in line with where the penis leaves the body rather than on top where you are a little above.

Keeping fit increases the blood flow which is good but then I chain smoke which reduces it.

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