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Max girth increase:


Max girth increase:

*tug passes cigars around*

Today I was able to Uli to a shade under 6” girth. My max girth formula includes doing some seriously hardcore UIis/Jelqs for around 10-15 mins, then spending another 30-45mins maintaining pretty strong and CONSTANT pressure with a good, strong (but not my-dick-is-going-to-burst, strong) Uli.

Although my erect girth is not going to be at 6” yet, it certainly is a prelude of things to come. At the start of my workout, I could only Uli to my usual 5.6”. At this very moment, my max Uli is about 6” (no chance of erroneous ‘gains’ due to measurement).

The difference between a 5.5” and a 6” is astonishing. My dick feels heavy and v/ thick in my hands. It also looks very thick and even ‘appears’ longer than it was before the exercises. I’m already contemplating setting a new goal to 6.25” but YGuy’s stories may keep me at an already large goal size of 6”.

I may hold off my girth exercises as I fear they may hinder my length gains. Also, I notice that I have a baseball bat dick currently, so I may begin to work closer to the base w/ a low Uli. Ok, I just made that exercise name up, but I’ve done it a couple of times and it seems to place my lower shaft under significant pressure; enough to eventually see some gains.

Also, I have to do something about these balls, as they’re still fairly tight under my dick and hinder my hang.

Anyway, it’s nice to take a glimpse into the future and see myself with a cock girth rating of 6. My 8”x6”er is just around the corner. Another 0.4” of length and another month of my afformentioned girth formula oughta do it.

I’m also thinking of increasing my body height as well.

tug_monkey raises his glass and proclaims “To gains!”


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Way to go!! The height part made me laugh… What are you doing for length now?

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I read a post somewhere that someone (i think its ItsElectric) stumbled upon a forum that is set on increasing height. Don’t know how its done or where the forum is, but maybe someone kind enough to share if I’m right or I was just so damn sleepy that I dreamt that shit (happens alot to me).

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Hey tug…

When you say Uli do you mean Ulies done by hand, or with a device?

Becoming.... Godsize


Yeah, the height thing can be amusing, but I believe it can be done, damnit! :spin:

I’m 5’7”, not terribly short, but would love to be 5’9”. I remember reading that you’re shorter in the evening and tallest in the morning. The reason is (aparently) that gravitational compression during the day literally “shrinks” you. I assume that the shrinkage occurs between the joints connecting the bones. My logic is, if I HI (Height increase, heh heh), I can increase my height. How? By stretching my body much like my dick throught the day. I figure there’s got to be room for growth between all of the joints connecting the major bones (ankle, knee, hip, spinal column and neck).

I can read the headlines now: tug hangs himself at 24. Last known writings were that he “wished he was taller” LOL

Anyway, holding a ruler over my head reveals that 2” of height is a world of difference. I want it! I want it!!

For length I keep it simple with manual stretches for about 30 minutes. This is 30 minutes of constant pressure with my hands. My forearms get a good workout but I more or less simulate hanging with heavy weights (probaby 20 -30 pounds); I tug pretty damn hard! I’ve been PEing for about 2.5 months and I’ve seen a 0.6” increase in bone pressed length.


I’ve only seen shitty bogus HI sites/forums on the internet. I’ve searched using google for quite a long time, but finding anything good amidst the Human Growth Hormone sites and Hypnosis bullshit is really daunting. I bet its the same for dudes looking to increase their penis size. Sites like Thunder’s must be really hard to find.


Thanks for the link! I’ve checked out the site and am going to go through the information, impliment some stuff and keep you all posted on my results. I’m doing a whole body thing including working out and eating right.

All I have to do now is learn how to get rid of some stretch marks on my ass and I’ll be physically perfect (IMO). Reason for all this? No idea, but fuck, it eats up time and is something to work towards. :)


Yeah, I Uli with my hands. I find I get a lot of freedom with my hands as I’m constantly re-adjusting with kegels to keep plenty of blood in my member. I don’t know if the same can be done with a device. Aside from that, my hands are far cheaper and my forearms are now rippling!

Anyway, I learned that other members (you know who you are) have made great initial gains without plunking down a red cent. I plan to do the same. My motto is the cliche “keep it simple.” When I begin to hit a plateau (if I’m not at my goal), I will likely use devices to continue growth. Hanging is supposed to be the shit.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause


My flacid girth just measured slightly over 5.4”. Shit is this thing fat! Note, this is many hours after my PE session. The bulge in my jeans was also crazy big today. With another inch in flacid hang, I’ll have quite an impressive bulge indeed!

Ok, I need sleep now……..


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause


About the height thing: Have you ever checked out thick insoles (“lifts”)? I know they are mocked, but unlike penis size, height is only about appearance — it doesn’t serve any function beyond social interactions, for the most part, so I don’t see why an “artificial” increase in height would be any worse than a “real,” natural one. A good example is here:…tml?sku=SI61610

They add a bit less than an inch, which is so little that people are actually unlikely to consciously notice — yet you’ll know the difference and you’ll feel that much more confident approaching women who are 5’6” or 5’7”. If you fear anyone would notice, you could coincide their insertion with the purchase of a new pair of shoes, so you could just attribute it to “thick soles” on your new shoes, if anyone asks. ;)

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It only cost me about three bucks for my Uli device. I’d say it’s money well spent. I’ve been doing manual exercises for over a year, so my forearms are rippling enough.

Becoming.... Godsize

Originally posted by ThunderSS
No, you are not dreaming. There is (maybe was??) a decent site/forum on this subject. At least it was there a year or so ago. Can't remember the name of it though, perhaps someone else knows the site.

Damn I would love a couple more inches in that department as well.

I gotta begin with more Ulis. Feels almost as if I’ve lost a millimeter of girth since I cut down on the PE. However… it’s actually gotten like, 0.1” longer BY ITSELF since I stopped the stretching. I’m so lazy. Grr. /Krowax slaps himself in the head. (with his flaccid dick).

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."


You know, I’ve never thought about using ‘lifts’ before. It’s funny, I’ve known that they’ve existed since high school but never actually considered using them. Very strange indeed.

Your theory about height being non-functional is a good one and obvious in hindsight (like so many good theories). Additionally, I think to myself of all the situations where I would like to look taller and you’re right again, I always have shoes on my feet. The only other time is when I’m at the beech, but I usually have more important things (chilling, ‘bird’ watching, sipping cervesa) on my mind as I soak in the sun. Shit, even the right pair of slippers at home coud conceal the lifts should one want to maintain the illusion at home (though I wouldn’t do this).

I’m still going to try to increase body size with stretches, but I think I’m going to start using the lifts ASAP. In fact, even if the HI was a success and I managed to put an extra two inches on my body, I would still likely use the soles. Moving from 5’7” to 6” would be incredibly dramatic. What do I have to lose? $30-$60 plus a couple new pairs of pants? IMO, the cost is well worth it.

Also, I’m not worried about people finding out about my HI secret, but thanks for the solid advice. Tell me something…. How tall are you? Have you ever considered using lifts to HI? What do you think about height in general?

I may have to PE more just to keep my dick looking proportionate…. Then again, I am rarely naked wearing only shoes…. rarely…. :D


Damn! That’s a cheap Uli device. Elaborate on your specific device, please. What does it look like, how does it work, where did you get it? I’m almost half expecting something blazingly obvious. :)


Hang in there brother. You still have plenty of gains to realize. Time is so very precious. We have a limited supply (around 80 years average) that can never be replenished. You and I are both pretty young, so we should learn from the older gents on the forum and PE consistantly to avoid regrets further down the road.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Interesting site you found PirateSteve, maybe we should hold an experiment on this and see if any of us can get taller. I’m only 5’9” so it would be pretty nice to add a few inches to my height and my dong!

When I’m done with a uli session I also look longer for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m more filled out. I get just under 6” and do it once everyday. The 1 hour session keeps my girth thick until the next day. Sometimes I’ll do it a few times a day for 15 mins.

I’m still shooting for 6.5, no matter if i get complaints or not. I’m the type of guy that’ll look down at what i already have and think I’m small. Even though I’m close to 6 EG I still think I’m small.

As far as the height goes, damn I wish that stuff really worked. I’m 5’6, way under average for a guy and even seems like I’m shorter than most women. There’s been alot of studies floating around about women and tall men; how tall guys make more money, get more women, are more respected. It seems the short petite women go after guys almost a foot taller than them and think I’m short even if they’re 5’.

I don’t believe it’s possible to gain height though. My cousin claimed 2” in his 30’s by doing stretching exercises. Even though it sounds like thickening the cartilage increases height I think it would be temporary. There are alot of height forums out there, most of them peddle products and the people who’ve had success are really just a hook to get you to buy.

I have inserts now, they work ok but walking alot hurts my ankles. Plus when i take them off say at a dates house and she sees me drop 2” or what about going to the waterparks to check out the chicks in bikinis?

But then again, before penis enlargement was only thought to be through surgery, same with height. Doctors claim you can’t enlarge your penis without surgery, they say the same for height. Maybe there’s something out there that’ll go against the grain like PE has done.

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