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So, if your theory is correct, you’ll reach your goal height just in time to fill your casket.

As for the rings on the neck…. try taking those rings off. The outcome is not pretty. There are actually spaces between the bones in the neck. To take off the rings would mean that those women could not hold their own head up, for their neck muscles have atrophied so much during the stretching process. In fact, I think when a woman from that particular tribe breaks the law, her punishment is to remove the rings so she must walk around the village with her head hung in shame!

I don’t mean to live up to my username on this one, but “growing” in height is just not possible. Perhaps with the correct regimen of dangerous hormones, you might be able to grow a little bit, but as for the side effects, I’m unsure.

And you still didn’t answer my other question… if you think you’re dick still looks small, why would you want to be taller?

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>So, if your theory is correct, you’ll reach your goal height just in time to fill your casket.

I’m just making a couple of observations about humans and taking an inductive step. That’s all. My “theory” is simply that if the body is pressured to grow, then it will grow given time. I don’t specify how long it will take or how tall one can grow.

I’ve also read that the neck rings must be kept in place due to atrophy. They become neccessary for survival. However there are a couple of important differences between what I propose and what these women are doing:

1) The women wear the rings from the age of 6 (in certain tribes) and well into womanhood. I propose daily stretches rather than a lifetime stretch machine that I will live inside. Stretches in no way leave my muscles immobilzed for long periods at a time, thus they should not suffer from atrophy.

2) The necks become quite long, some up to 15” (from a normal ~5”, though some of that length is supposedly due to compressed collar bones). My goal gains are 1” (not 10”) and are distributed over many joints.

3) All ‘gains’ these women make are in the neck. I theorize that the same effect can be replicated to the connective tissues that contribute to height.

I was using the neck example to back up my statement about the body’s ability to adapt, even when bones/joints are involved. I think we can both agree on that, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I understand your hesitation to the idea and apreciate your concern. Certainly it would seem unsafe to grow an inch, but I don’t intend for this to happen in a week or a month. Going from a 5” dick to a 8” dick has been demonstrated by certain individuals on this board. If one tried to accomplish this in a week, without surgury, he would probably tear his penis from his body. Time is a very important ingredient in this unbaked cake.

It also may seem impossible to gain an inch in height, but even when lying on my back for 6 hours this happens. Suppose there was consistant gentle stretching pressure applied over a period? Can we expect something similar to when we sleep and have no compressing pressure applied?

Here’s a question fer ya: How can you be so incredibly certain that increasing height is not possible?

Sorry for not answering your first question. If all I wanted was that my dick look big, I would likely starve myself and shave off all my hair. What would be the point of having a good muscular build if the added volume is only going to make one’s dick look smaller? To answer your question, the look of my penis isn’t the only thing I’m trying to improve. We can’t have everything in life As with many things in life, tradeoffs must be made. If I study to become more knowlegable, I’m going to have less time to tug on my dick. If I build a nice muscular physique, my added volume is going to make my dick look smaller. If I mow my lawn, I’m not washing my car, etc.

Now *you* answer my question about your $3 Uli device! :D


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I think they have found that there is no growth of the neck, it is all due to compression of the collarbone. Seems someone, someplace took X-rays of at least one of these ladies, possibly more than one, not sure on the number though.

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Oh yeah, the device question. Sorry not to have answered that sooner, I must’ve overlooked it.

As far as it being something “blazingly obvious”, I’m not sure. It definitely wasn’t an obvious thing to me. I had no idea such a thing existed, and how wonderfully easy it would be to apply this thing to PE.

It’s called a “multiclamp” and it can be found here: (do a search for it and you’ll find it)

It costs about $2.95 plus shipping. I’m sure you can find it in a few other places too besides that one site.

It’s basically a black plastic loop with a little dial on the top for tightening. It’s a real breeze to use, and easy to tighten and loosen at will. The only other thing you’ll need is to use a good, thick cushy wrap underneath it and you’re ready to do Extreme Ulies. I use a simple washcloth folded up a few times so it’s thick, then just wrap it around the base of my tool.

This thing is so cool. I’ve been using it almost 3 months, 4-5 times a week. Within the first four or five weeks, I gained .1” of girth, then another .1”…so it’s coming along slowly, but steadily. I haven’t plateaued (or measured) in about a month, so I’m unsure of any additional gains. I’ve put down the ruler for a while. I do about 7 sets of ten minutes each. Sometimes I’ll do 10 sets as a wild card, and I’m thinking of adding additional sets, perhaps at different times of day for maxium results.

Overall it’s pretty time consuming, but it’s “shiftless” time… you can read, watch TV, type on forums…all while you’re in the clamp. Just make sure you don’t accidentally forget to take off the clamp. Never leave it on for more than twelve minutes at the most.

This method works great and I haven’t jelqed since I started doing my PE this way. Ironically, I’m gaining more now than I ever did when I just jelqed and squeezed by hand five days a week. I’ve got Ike to thank, since he was the one who turned me on to the multi clamp. So kudos to him! Then of course there’s Bib, who made his gains from hanging and extreme ulies alone….hardly any jelqing.

I don’t know. I guess I finally found my individual “prescription” for PE. Let’s see how long it’ll work before I build a tolerance. Good luck.

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