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Max girth increase:


There is a free site called Growing Taller and Everything You Need to Know:

It has some Yoga stretches, exercises and a transcription of an old height increase book. One of he explanations behind it involves increasing the amount fluid slightly between each vertebrae, thereby increasing height.

The site does have a daily volume limit, so sometimes when you go there, you might get a page that tells you they are over their limit. Just try again another time.


My temporary gains have since been removed, though I know now that my dick is capable of becoming a girthy 6” with my max gain increase routine. I think I’m going to start trying wet jelqs as I hear they’re good for all over girth increase and Ulis (in my experience) target mostly the upper shaft.

I’m going to begin my next PE session after this post.


6.5” is one thick peice of grade-a meat! Be careful with that thing! I can completely understand the desire to go past your size though. At an above average 7.6”x5.6”, I feel small.

I understand your skepticism with HI. I was the same way with PE. We’re told day in and day out that we are pretty much stuck with what we’re given with no way to change it. Of course, PE is not just for increasing the size of the dick, but a fundamental shift in our thinking; all of our so-called ‘truths’ are suspect of being mearly preception (which they undoubtably are).

Here’s something I’ve noticed:

I’m a fairly toned and skinny guy. I used to frequent the gym daily, but I haven’t been working out over the past 6 months. I’ve since lost a lot of gorgeous (IMHO) lean muscle and a lot of strength. I also noticed that my skin is thicker in some areas (fattening, no doubt). However, I am not even close to being fat as I eat very well and exercise occasionally.

Despite my good diet, I wondered why my belly was starting to grow. I mean, it didn’t feel like fat. It felt like my intestines/stomach were pushing out on it and I had to flex to give the illusion of a flat stomach. I didn’t know the cause of this, but figured if I did some sit-ups it would cure the problem.

Until recently I hadn’t considered that the way I sleep may be the cause of the problem. I noticed that when I slept on my side or my front, my gut would naturally be pushed outwards. Over the past little while, I’ve been sleeping flat on my back with a small pillow only under my neck, but not my head. The change in my belly appearence has been really dramatic. My stomach looks flat without flexing and my posture seems to be better throught the day.

So for all of you looking to get a flatter stomach, this could be helpful. Get gravity on your side! Exercise and eat right to reduce fat AND sleep on your back to keep pressure on your belly for 8 hours in the day!

I’m now a believe that with constant pressure we can mold our bodies in so many ways. For example, I’m certain with a nose mold worn every night for a year, a person wouldn’t need a costly and obvious nose-job operation to change the shape of ones nose. HI is just another type of stretch and I believe it can be achieved.

Now, if only I can do something about these stretch marks on my ass…. They are lighter than my skin, so I was thinking of carefully and delibratly scarring the marks to darken it and hide their appearence.


Welcome new poster! I would welcome you to the board, but you signed up before I did. Anyway, I’m honoured that your first post was in a thread I created. I hope you continue to post!

Thanks for the great site link. I’m very interested in HI and I can never have too much information on the subject. This is especially helpful since prior to this thread, I haven’t found a good source of information on the subject!

Have you tried HI?


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

Hey tug_monkey,

Let me know how this HI stuff goes. I’m your height and really wouldn’t mind getting an extra inch or two. Don’t wanna get too tall though, 5’9” would be perfect. Maybe I’ll give it a try too. It’s gonna be tough to fit it into my day with school, school work, woking out, as well as PE.

Hey, I just thought of something. If this HI stuff is true, wouldn’t everyone who played some type of sport be getting taller. I used to play hockey and still play baseball, and we always stretch before a game. However, games are not every single day. I didn’t really look at that geocities site, but I’m assuming you’d have to do some stretches every day. Maybe that’s the key. But then there are the professional atheletes who definitely stretch intensely every day.

Any thoughts on this?

Let me know how it goes :) .

I’m 5’10” barefoot in the morning (used to be, probably a little shorter now). I’d like to be about 6” taller, but even if it were possible to gain that much I’d be all out of proportion. Can’t make wider shoulders and bigger bone structure. Oh well.

For the youngest guys here, there is talk that doing pullovers and similar exercises can help expand and widen your rib cage. This only works until the late teens, with better results even earlier. I don’t know if this really works, but if I were that young and wanted a wider chest I’d try it.

>> What do I have to lose? $30-$60 plus a couple new pairs of pants? IMO, the cost is well worth it. <<

>>Also, I’m not worried about people finding out about my HI secret, but thanks for the solid advice. Tell me something…. How tall are you? Have you ever considered using lifts to HI? What do you think about height in general? <<

I actually use them myself. They are soft and the full length of the foot, rather than those awkward old-style lifts that are hard and only under the heels, causing foot pain. Mine have been more comfortable than the regular insoles that came with the shoes and have lasted (so far) for one year with no noticable wear. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. I’ll PM you a code to get a $20 discount if you spend $60 at that site.

About height in general, my impression is that taller is almost always preferred by women, but unless you’re shorter than a lot of women (like, less than 5’6”), it doesn’t make a huge difference in the prospective dating pool. Additional height just makes you a bit more attractive, and being 6’+ is a real advantage.

Good luck with the HI stuff. My guess is that it’s pretty near impossible without growth hormones, but prove me wrong and maybe I’ll join in. :)

Get some boots with hooks on ‘em and hang upside down for a few hours a day. If that doesn’t work, try it the other way.

Perhaps you could get an extra vertebrae implanted in your spine?

Becoming.... Godsize

Well hope it works out for ya Tug. I bought one of those books on height increase and it never did anything for me. And let me tell you, sleeping without a pillow is not easy!

6 months of trying and nothing. I just don’t believe it. There’s very few success stories unlike the one’s in PE.

If someone finds a magic cure, let me know! Until then I’ll keep growing my cock. can’t wait to order the Bib tomorrow. man i haven’t been this excited since I was a kid and the nintendo came out.


C’mon guys…. you must know that you cannot do anything to increase your height, right? Unless you can figure out a way to stretch bones.

Becoming.... Godsize

It’s never good to obsess about body attributes. It only makes you unhappy. That’s my philosofy :) . I’m not saying I don’t care about how I look, I do, but I like to keep it at a good level.

Tug, try not to picture yourself as small at 7.6x5.6. Don’t see what you can become, and that you are where you are now. You’re not just above avarage with that size, you’re well above it. Far from small.
It’s no use that I say this, but I just want it said :P

I thought I was small at my size aswell… but thinking like that kinda sucks. (I’m ~7.5x5.5 if I didn’t say that).

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

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Hey Mick,

I would imagine that in order to see any real gains, one would have to stretch the ligs connecting the major muscle groups (which is genearlly really good anyway) AND do some sort of hanging to increase the space between the joints. This would also likely take a LONG time with a consistnt HI routine.

The good altheletes I know genearlly stretch and have great posture. I don’t know if this is responsible for their current height. In other words, I don’t know if they would be shorter having not been althletes.

This is just theory that has been read and not proven, so it remains to be seen if it can be done. Of course, the fact that we shrink by the end of each day (and as we get older, I might add) suggests that posture and variations between the ‘thickness’ of our joints, plays a role in our height.


IMHO, I think you’re the perfect height! I usually wear shoes that have good sized heals, so with my shoes AND the lifts that you suggested, I’ll get to that perfect height. Even if HI turns out to be bogus, this discussion has been incredibly helpful.

You’re right about the women. Taller guys generally get more breaks in society than shorter guys. I’ve read about this in some sociology studies. Taller guys are considered more attractive to women. Taller guys get paid more on average than shorter guys. Taller guys also are given more authority. Most women I’ve talked to swear that “no matter how perfect a guy is, I won’t date somebody shorter than me!” Strange.


Many people have the same belief about PE as well. Changing your dick from a 4.5 to an 8.5 simply is impossible! But we showed them the power of time and pressure. :)

Stretching is supposed to be good anyhow, so at worst I’ll be promoting my health and gain 1” from using the lift insoles. To be honest, I’m quite content at 5’7” and although I don’t see my dick as large, I’m satisfied at ~7.5” as well. I PE and will soon HI to improve myself physically. I also read to improve myself mentally. For me, it’s all about personal growth be it physical, mental or emotional. If I’m not growing, there doesn’t seem to be much point to living; but that’s just me….


Haha! Yeah, sleeping without a pillow isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. For the past little while I’ve been sleeping on my back (I naturally want to sleep on my front) and without a pillow. I’m slowly getting used to it. One side-effect I noticed is that I’m DREAMING (or remembering my dreams) more often sleeping this way. Very strange indeed.

I’m sorry that HI didn’t work out for you. What exactly was your routine?


That’s a good philosophy. Right now, my wanting to improve comes from my desire to grow. I quite satisfied with my dick, my body and my mind. However, the thought of improving any of them is very exciting and IMO worth persuing.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

hey tug,

I’m so glad this has been helpful to you, and it sounds like you have a really pragmatic attitude about both height and penis size… something some of us could use more of.

>>Taller guys generally get more breaks in society than shorter guys. I’ve read about this in some sociology studies. Taller guys are considered more attractive to women. Taller guys get paid more on average than shorter guys. Taller guys also are given more authority. Most women I’ve talked to swear that “no matter how perfect a guy is, I won’t date somebody shorter than me!” Strange.<<

I agree about women, but check out the study I posted a link to in the following thread — it refutes the notion that adult height by itself, rather than some confound that correlates with it, is a determinant of occupational success/income:

Taller people gat paid more

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Sure, time and pressure works when applied to a penis or an earlobe or something, but time and pressure applied to bones and joints will only leave you crippled.

And if you think your dick looks small now, why would you want to be any taller?

Becoming.... Godsize

lol yea you could be in my position - 6’6” with a 5”NBPEL 4.75” EG pencil dick. I once had an ok looking girl approach me in a bar and ask “Hey is it true that everything about tall guys are proportionate?” As she stared down at my crotch.

Felling slightly depressed and not particularly attracted to her I said, “No actually its not true” with a slightly disappointed face.

She just looked at me puzzled and walked away.

I know you have heard the saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. There are a lot of things about being tall that are not all thats cracked up to be.

For instance:

We could both start working out at a gym at the same time, only you will be ripped and buff in approximately half the time that it would take me to gain the same appearance.

Dancing with any girl that is under 6 foot is very difficult and looks a bit silly.

Kissing any girl under 6’ or better while standing is very unromantic.

A lot of sexual positions with girls under 6’ are just simply not an option and many more are just to awkward to enjoy.

Hitting your head on low over hangs (a particular problem for European Architecture)

More susceptible to back injury.

Unwarranted hate or ill treatment by shorter superiors that may have a height complex.

There are many more I could list given the time, but you do start to see the point I hope.

I know that you could probably do the same thing about all the things that suck about being short, Im sure.

Try and be more positive about your height there are some good things about being around the same height as a lot of women.


Those are great points, Toxsus. I’ve never thought about those things…

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

I just did a measurement and found out that I shrink around 1” throught the course of a long day. I start out at 5’7” but after going to dinner and hitting the club I’m down to an incredible 5’6”. I hadn’t realized that the change would be so dramatic over the course of the day.



Great link! I read much of the PDF paper. I’m going to finish it, but my Internet connection is slow and it’s not done loading yet. Anyway, it was eye opening. To suggest that adolescent height has a large effect on our early mental development which then spills into adulthood is very interesting indeed.


Crippled, huh? I guess it all depends on the type of pressure. If you constantly sit slouched, in your later years, you’ll likely have a hunch back (bad pressure). If you sit with great posture this propably will not be the case.

What I’m suggesting is gental pressure. Bones *can* bend/stretch over time. Have you ever taken a look at the big toe of a woman in her 30s who has worn high heels for a period of years? It’s completely bent out of shape and points outwards. What about those tribes that wear the rings around their necks? Their necks become really long over a period of time. This is just another example of the bodies adaptation mechanism.

Anyway, just like with PE, I’ll be sure to listen to my body to avoid severly hurting myself.


Damn that was a good read! You listed things that I’ve never even considered, being quite a short fellow myself. Of course gaining a mere inch (or two) shouldn’t put me a too much of a disadvantage. That’ll put me at eye level with the women I’m most attracted to and well above the rest. Plus I’ll finally be able to reach the cookies on the top shelf! YUM…..


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause


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