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Does stretching-hanging increase girth at all or only length

Does stretching-hanging increase girth at all or only length

Topic pretty much says it all. Sometimes I can’t find the time for jelqing and most of the time can’t get aroused enough to do so because I masturbate waaay too much. So does stretching give gains in girth as well or if I keep doing only stretches will I actually lose girth, gain length, and end up like a noodle?

I’m pretty sure you won’t lose girth. Most hangers report increased girth, usually base girth. Manual stretching you may be lucky and gain base girth, but most likely you’ll maintain the girth you have.

Jelqing is weird at first. Keep trying to do it. I had similar problems when I first started, but now I have mentally “trained” my penis to react correctly to Jelqing.

I see you’ve been a member since 2008. What has your PE journey been like? Anyway welcome back to the forums and hope we see more of you and you stick with PE.

I joined way back then but haven’t given PE any dedication yet, but now I have been improving other aspects of my life such as losing weight and going back to school so I can get back into the dating world. I know I don’t stand a chance out there with a small penis so I’m willing to give it a real shot this time.

I doubt you have a small penis…maybe you “don’t stand a chance ‘out there’” because of your insecurities?


I found that when I first started stretching, I lost a touch of girth, but then it came back. Surprisingly, I’ve been manually stretching ONLY, no jelqing, and I’ve gained girth. Not much, but about 1/4 inch or so. That’s mid shaft. I don’t think it’s standard but I’ll take it.

Well length wise I’m fine, about 7” which I’m perfectly fine with. But girth wise I’m only about 4.5” mid shaft. This gives me a very odd, disproportionate looking member. My glans is also very large in comparison to the shaft, about 1.8 inches wide when fully erect. This is another reason I want to stay away from jelqing, I don’t want the head to get even bigger without gains in the shaft.

Hardly your glans will enarge. If the head of the glans is big, you have a big penis in any pratical sense: what will cause the ‘filling’ feelin will be the largest part or your pens (think at it a bit and I think you can agree).

I would also think that careful pumping could be a good try in your case.

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