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could tiger balm itself be used as a lubricant for the exercises or a finishing lube for instance? If it is a healer why not use it as much as possible?

Dino775 mentioned KY Jelly. Well, KY makes another product called KY Liquid. This stuff is awesome. I used to use the jelly, but it dies out too quickly. The liquid does not dry out, lasts forever, and cleans up so fast and easy you don’t even need soap. Best product ever, IMHO.


ps. the stuff is even better when used for sex


That stuff is great, it just feels to dam good to PE with it’s like liquid pussy. Hmmm going to have to pick some more up.


KY Liquid = Liquid Pussy!!!!
I laughed my f*ing ass off. You should get a job in marketing.


Here in Canada we have a product called “Astroglide”. If you are not carefull when using it your hand will slip off the shaft. Only kidding, but it is great stuff, even for a natural vagina lube.

Regards Canuck

Try mixing a very small amount of peppermint oil into your chosen lube. Its very intense and gives excellent circulation. Only a few drops though as its very strong stuff.

What I am going to try out is something called deep heat, which is used on injuries. Once, I had a knee injury and aplied some of this ointment to it. Within a couple of minutes the whole thing fealt like it had been incased in a steaming hot towel, and the agony of the injury totaly disappeared, until I couldn’t even feal my knee at all. Just the heat. I have to say It was a very intense but nice experiense.

It will clearly have to be dileted down a few times, into another lube. So as not lumb your penis, but still get an intense warmth and pump.

I will try it out when I am recovered from my extender injury, but if anyone desides to try it, can you let us know what your verdict is.

The products name is deap heat, but it might be called something other than that ,outside England.

deep heat???

heck, my wife used to put deep heat on henry immediately before we had sex. “she” loved deep heat. so it must be good. lol. mistered.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

economical and awesome lube

there is this stuff called “J” lube, it is used by veternarians to lube up there arm when they have to stick an arm up a horses ass or whatever. It comes in a powder form and you mix it with water to your desired consistency and it doesn’t take much at all. If my memory serves me correctly I bought it from a website called “hot desert knights”, it is a gay website so if you have a problem with that then look for it somewhere else (like where vet supplies are sold) It truly works great and one container of the powder will make like 6 gallons of lube ,it is slicker than snot.The only lube that I like as well is astroglide and it gets a bit spendy after a while not to mention going to the store and buying it all the time can be embarrassing.

Good first post bustanut.

For some reason I read vet and thought war veteran and before I finished reading the sentence I already had a mental picture of some guy lubing up the stump of his arm before attaching a prosthesis :)

I think I may have come across this without realising it (a partners lube).


memento, what do you mean by “partners lube”?

mean I had sex with someone and they mixed up the lube from a powder. Had never see that before but maybe I’ve just led a sheltered life :)

tiger balm?.. what else will help with skin soreness? the head of my penis is sore.need something to sooth & heal the soreness.. also the base.

Tiger Balm on your todger, this has to be a wind up.

That stuff is hot! next you`ll be telling us to rub chilli juice in because it burns off the marks left from jelqing.

All those who haven`t tried it, don`t say I didn`t warn you!

I have found the best lube of those I have tried is Cocoa Butter
body cream from Superdrug,Its not too thick or thin and it conditions at the same time.

HMMMM don’t want that..i’ve read cocoa butter..guess i’ll have to give that a try…losin days here, thanks dude

Have you guys tried “mens cream”? It is the nicest and most erotic of the lubes i’ve tried—really gives you an erection that lasts. It is designed to be a masturbation lube. You can get it at some Walgreens stores for about $10 a jar. Is oil-based but washes off easily—or just leave it on and rub it in. That stuff is as smooth as silk!


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