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God, I once tried a product called “Deep Cold” or something in a similar namesake. It was a blue gel, and its purpose was to apply it to a sore muscle, and its effects were first a deep penetrating hotness, which lasted for a couple minutes, and then, a slow transition to a deep penetrating cold feeling, which lasted for about roughly the same time as the hot part.

So, alternating hot and cold, hot and cold, hot and cold. Lasted for about 30 minutes. I could absolutely do nothing except grab and squeeze my dick and hop up and down, all the while swearing like a bitch and dreading the feelings of a torchblower frying my noodle silly, and then the icy popsicle sensations. After it was all over, I just collapsed and said to myself, “I wonder how the old lady would like a little on herself cause look what it did for me?” I sure would like to see her squirm all over the floor.

For the fearless out there, go ahead and try it out! :D


I have always just used skin cream, I find that I have built my routine around it, when it starts to dry out I do a set of dry jelqs and stretches. then I lube up again and go after the wet jelqs. This seems to keep my loose.

Originally posted by Stretchin
I use plain ol cooking oil.(canola) Washes up easy for me. Hot water and soap.

anyone else do this? would you recommend it?

Big Fan of KY Gel….I think it took the place of the liquid. I dab of it goes along way, and feels amazing….abit pricey, but it last me a month (small bottle of it cost like 8 bucks)

Astroglide is great too. A bit expensive but hey you get what you pay for.

I alsouse cooking oil, it seems just fine for me eid2356

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Unscented Lubriderm works great for me.

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Hi All.

All my sessions are done in the shower and I use a soap called “Dove”. I know, I know, you are all jumping up and down screaming “Don’t use a soap!”. But this stuff is different. Its unscented (I itch like crazy with any perfume at all) and its 1/4 moisturising cream. Slick with out being “liquid pussy” and leaves my member nice and soft.

Some of the water base lubes out there are nice for cleanup. Might apply a bit more but alot less mess then your garden variety oil based lubes.

The various brands are easy to research online at place like amazon.


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well being he idiot I am I took someone at the porn shops word that ID Millennium was pretty much the same as astroglide. Well it’s not… It is VERY hard to clean up. Anyone used this or have any suggestions for cleanup? I’ve tried soap and even kitchen cleaner (not on my penis on the remote control It got on) and it still leaves a slick residue.

And of course being the idiot I am I bought the big bottle.


Anyone know what stores to buy KY Jelly or liquid or astroglide from? I have a Walgreens and CVS pretty close around here.

You can get personal lubricants at most stores now a days if they have a pharmacy section. Target, K-Mart, Wall-Mart, Ralph’s, Walgreen’s, Pay-less Drugs, etc.

I buy my lubes from my local Target, which they just built down the road from me. I personally use KY Liquid, the stuff works wonders for jelq sessions. I tryed KY Jelly and I did not like it but took chance and tried the Liquid and it worked much better for me. I have not had a chance to use it for anything other then PE but hoping for a sessions with my lady soon. Sigh, I hate long distance relationships. But I love her.

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Anyone know what stores to buy KY Jelly or liquid or astroglide from? I have a Walgreens and CVS pretty close around here.

In the past I’ve purchased astroglide at Walgreens. I’ve seen KY at Walmart recently. I suspect either Walgreens or CVS will have what you are looking for…

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Here’s what I do. I buy Astro Glide Gel, not the lubricant, get the Gel. It’s a lot cheaper. I then mix it with water. A very little amount of gel makes a large amount of lubricant. I then take 4 arginine capsules open them up and empty them into the mixture. I microwave it for a few seconds and then..BINGO! I have an awesome lubricant, great for PEinn and also great for the lady!

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As I mentioned in my earlier, on-line shopping is a great way to find lubes. There really is allot out there and I’ve actually found myself enjoying reading up on and trying out different varieties. I’m currently sampling, and really liking, a German lube called pjur eros aqua.


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