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Sesame seed oil is my favorite. Light smell, plus it provides just enough lubrication.

I got some free samples of this lotion from the W hotel that I’ve been loving lately.. It’s called Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter lotion.

I’ll probably buy more when the samples run out (soon), though it’s not very cheap. Amazon has it for $22.40 per tube. Worth it to me, it feels good, smells good, seems to add a lot of moisture, and I always feel a bit more plump after jelqing with it.

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I’d like to find a paraban free lube that doesn’t leave my schlong sticky.

Have you tried this

Hi all,
This is my first post, I’d like to thank everybody for this great forum.
Moderators, I’m sorry if somehow I don’t respect some rules, by posting in here first. My apologies.

I’ve spent countless hours reading as much threads as possible, soo many important data and nice people here, It’s hard to stop reading something once we’ve started, like the ‘is it in yet’ thread.

As you can imagine, I’m not happy with my unit. At all. I’ve started the newbie routine 5 weeks ago, and the miracle of seeing our unit grow, even if its just 0.1% of our goal, already happened,and its already fantastic. I hope I will have the courage to do many posts, to tell my story(we all have one,right),my stats,etc. I’m a bit shy, and English isn’t my native language, so please, if you see some spelling, grammar or syntax errors, remember I’m sorry for that, don’t pull the trigger.

I was reading these thread about lube, and I wanted to share something with you, that I discovered yesterday, that simply blew my mind, and, honestly, everybody in here should give it a try, at least during your jelq sessions.

I’ve tried some oils, soap,dove, special lube for foreplay, and a few other things, and of course, vaseline.
Since I live with my parents, brother and sister and my grandma, I don’t have all the time and privacy to do my sessions, so whenever I try or do something, it shouldn’t stain,smell,color,make noise,etc. For example, doing some kegels and jelqs while in the toilet shouldn’t leave any suspicious smell in the air, or making a ‘slippery’ noise while jelqing.

All this to say yesterday, I’ve found a miraculous product, even better than Vaseline, for my sessions.

It’s Nivea for men - revitalizing body lotion
Here is a link, replace the kk and put ‘tt’ instead


Guys, with just a really small quantity of that lotion, a half teaspoon, I could do like 500 strokes. It refreshes a bit your unit, and, I can’t explain why, during my 500 strokes, I was 80% of the time full engorged and like 90% full erected, when, with other lubs or vaseline, these values would be more like 30-45%.
It was incredible how it felt good, doing my session. Really good.

It’s supposed to be used on the whole body, has a good smell, not very strong, but I said to myself ‘let’s try it on my unit, and see how it works’

Man, it didn’t work good. It worked 20 times better than with vaseline. My penis kept wet and perfect for my jelq session, just enough slippery, no greasy, even when the lotion almost totally vanished, the skin keeps being perfect for many more strokes, and that engorged unit looks so good, you just don’t want to stop anymore, and go pick a drop of lotion, for ‘just a few more strokes, I promise’.

The lotion contains aloe Vera, and vitamin E, along other ingredients that I don’t know. At least, it doesn’t contain glycol, often used on this kind of products, to make it penetrate the skin faster.

Maybe some specialists here could check the ingredients, to see if there are some that could be bad for our skin/unit.
I don’t know if its the aloe Vera that makes it feeling fresh and ‘spicy’, at the same time, but guys, I promise you during all my strokes, I felt my unit was going to blow, it felt fresh and hot ,and I could finally have an idea about my gains, because while doing my moves, my penis was almost 100% erected, and the last time I was erected like that was long before I start PE.
Guys, I’m so happy, you can’t imagine. When you’re used to see you little piece of meat that couldn’t even feed a 3 months cat, and suddenly, after 5 weeks of work(like 1 hour, 4 times a week), you see it HAS GROWN, and you imagine you must still have like 1-1.3 inches of meat hidden under the fat pad, you can only be happy :) :)

Please, don’t think I’m a commercial, really, go get a 250ml(don’t know how many oz 250ml are), I remember I didn’t pay a lot for it, I bought it like 4 months ago, but had never used before yesterday,can’t remember the price.
And for me and my situation, its just perfect, I can still say I used it on my body, if someone sees the lotion is being used. Nobody will ever think I use it on my meat .

If I decided to make this post, after ‘lurking’ for a few months, reading your interesting advices and comments, its because I’m really really fucking amazed and surprised how this simple body lotion helped me doing my jelqs, extensions,torsions, rotations and whatever moves I can do to make those veins and muscles grow, yesterday.

I can’t wait to have like 10-15 minutes of privacy, and do another session of PE.

Ok guys, if someone already use this, or decides to give it a try, it would be nice to have your opinion about it, here.
Sorry if I look like a silly excited young girl that just saw Justin bieber, but I couldn’t keep it for myself.

Real, moderators, no nivea seller here. Just a happy PE’er that thinks he has discovered something interesting for the thunders community :)

Sorry for this first long post, I wish my unit was that long :)
Thanks for reading.

New to jelqing but I have been using aqueous cream which glides easy and then washes off easy too

I’m using coconut nut oil.It’s working well.

Ok isn’t Abolene dangerous to use? Aren’t there carcinogens in it? Petroleum on your penis?

Ok isn’t Abolene Cream dangerous to use? Aren’t there carcinogens in it? Petroleum on your penis?

Almond oil has been king for me. Very slippery, stays for a while, and completely natural.

Good call dude…..I use Jojoba oil but it’s expensive

I don’t like water based lube because it doesn’t last long.

I prefere silicon oil lube but I don’t if it’s safe.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


I try to use the SAFEST solution, because you have to think what ever is on your skin has potential to absorb into your blood stream, so why would anybody use anything with hazardous chemicals? 100% natural should be the standard

Originally Posted by Surferdude1234
I try to use the SAFEST solution, because you have to think what ever is on your skin has potential to absorb into your blood stream, so why would anybody use anything with hazardous chemicals? 100% natural should be the standard

I agree. That’s why I will only use grape seed oil. It’s edible, found at the grocery store, inexpensive and good for the skin. In addition, it makes a great lubricant for intercourse.

Olive Oil, I think is the best. Good lube easy clean up…

Hey guys.. I just found an amazing oil for wet jelqing. I have super sensitive skin around the glans and any irritant/fragrance/whatever will set it off. This stuff doesn’t! I researched it for quite awhile before buying.couldn’t be happier. It has a medium viscosity which is perfect for jelqing, and lasts a long time. Not too greasy after, you don’t need to wash it off really, except on the hands.

Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil—-…N0T75S5X6AEAXJD


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