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I agree with taxi04.

I’ve found Elbow Grease to work the best and it’s easy to clean up. You can buy it in the original or hot version. I’ve only used the cream and haven’t tried the gels.

I wouldn’t use anything petroleum based.

I like to use vitamin E, but I use the pills. You can get a big bottle (like 500 capsules) at Costco. Plus it’s not embarrassing to buy. 2 to 3 pills work for a session (I jelq in the shower.) so 500 divided by 2 or 3 pills per session is a lot of sessions. I flush the empty capsules when I am done.

Someone mentioned the different types of Vitamin E. There is natural (D-alpha tocopherol) and synthetic (DL-alpha tocopherol). From what I’ve read, natural works (or works better) in the body than the synthetic.

I use Johnson & Johnson Baby oil.really nice, good for skin too

Are oils (lubricants) that heats the penis more effective than those that don’t?

Exp. Peppermint oil

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Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.

Any of UK based guys tried E45 cream or is that over the top? New years resolution is to gain a bit I’m very curious mixed with some healthy scepticism

What is the composition of the baby oil sold in U.S.? (I’m in Brazil and I want to compare them).

Anyone tried some home made mixture non-oil based?

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Hey guys. I know I didn’t make this thread, but I wanted to say thanks anyways for the advice and ideas. I was looking for a good cheap lube that I could get at CVS. I’ve settled on Johnson’s Baby Oil.

Ok. This is rediculous. Do I seriously have to make a concoction? What’s wrong with coco butter?

One time I was masterbating in my parents bathroom ( I know I’m sick ) and I tried some of my dad’s Bengay. Bad Idea.


after severals products trial over years I finally use a cheap oil! Cooking vit E oil! But don’t forget to rinse your dick/pubic area with soap to avoid smell disagrement..


Try using grape seed oil. Very good natural lubricant. Similar to almond oil and avocado oil only not as thick or smelly.

Neosporin - FTW!

Store Brand Neosporin - smooth, inexpensive, and kills bacteria while you please your junk!

…10-W/40 does the job just fine.


Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Has anybody heard of—or tried—the aloe based personal lubricant called Aloe Cadabra ( Looks interesting.

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Originally Posted by ExSS

Has anybody heard of—or tried—the aloe based personal lubricant called Aloe Cadabra ( Looks interesting.

Sounds magical!

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