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Logic behind hanging

So, we can actually conclude that stretching devices like the PM are more dangerous than first thought. They all sweeze the area behind the glans & the glans itself.

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So much confusion surrounds these types of queries, once you exceed a certain force factor on your ligature you are essentially doing nothing with the additional force (except approaching a pain/injury threshold). I believe people need to examine their erectile physiology closer and understand where the additional length is derived. Hanging or stretching is a personal choice and lies solely in the penis of the beholder.

You have “built-in capacity,” the erect penis for most people will periscope most of its length from the loin region (some have more showing on the outside). Inorder to maximize the full structure and achieve full engorgement the erectile circulatory system and the suspensory physiology must be augmented. When you stretch or hang you are in effect augmenting a flaccid or semi-flaccid erection (your applying a force that is extending the penis and weakening structures that would resist the periscoping penis or erection). It is somewhat analogous to the “slinky” the more force applied the more elongation of the slinky until permanent deformation. You do not need that much weight to maximize the elongation of the slinky.

We want to achieve our optimum erection with the “built-in capacity” that is not exposed. You have limited capacity and each of us has a genetic program that facilitates our maximum. Your true flaccid size is predetermined and unchanging for all practical purposes, you must affect the erectile mechanisms (blood/suspensory anatomy for elongation) to obtain full engorgement. Attaching more and more weight is not the way.

Take a lesson from orthodontic sciences, they do not try to move your teeth in one day, it is a slow and arduous process but in two years your teeth are as straight as the picket fence next door. Hang long, hang tough.

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Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
The AutoExtender doesnt though :)

It must do a little bit though?

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Well, all I know is that we will keep researching and make sure we find the safest way possible in the future :)
I am off to bed now, night all.

p.s. Slack, I am gonna close my curtains tonight so you can’t watch me and take notes anymore, ok? ;)

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
The warning against yanking on the glans itself, though, has something to do with the weak connective tissue between the glans and the shaft, if I recall correctly. Apparently it’s actually possible to rip that tissue apart and thereby cause major, major problems — if, again, my memory serves correctly :) .

Whoa whoa whoa…no way you throw that out there…unsubstantiated “warnings”.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
…if I recall correctly…if, again, my memory serves correctly :) .

Is that what they teach you in Mod School? :)

PG, Brother, I know you can do better. If there is real information along these lines, please let us know.

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I’m surprised not to have seen anyone mention the one major advantage that hanging has over stretching (besides having free hands, of course): a very consistent PE workout.

The variability in wrapping and equipment handling before hanging workouts is nowhere NEAR the variability of your own grip during a PE session. Certainly, sensation and pain can help regulate the stretching force used, but I’m not aware of a disparity between stretchers and hangers with regards to injury rates/severities.


Has anyone ever stood on their head and hung weights on their dick upside down with a fulcrum on the top of their dick? ;) LOL.

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I believe hanging with a fulcrum on the top of your dick is yet to be tried….

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Hanging OTS with a broom stick across your knees is possible, and I bet someone has tried that. Maybe not the standing-on-head-version though.

regards, mgus

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Yeah, because I know people use a fulcrum midshaft from the bottom of their dick such as the broomstick idea you mentioned. I just wondered if there was another way to hang but with the fulcrum on the top of your dick, making gravity reverse its pull would help on this one, lol. Sorry, I am in a silly mood today - I should try to refrain from posting too much ;)

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Originally Posted by burntoutlife
Para, I can grip well over 100 lbs with one hand, and also I can hold a 4x8 piece of sheetrock over my head, while someone else secures it. It’s all related to your physical conditioning.

Yes, but can you hold a 100lb weight at arm’s length for 30 minutes?



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