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Lig Strech

Lig Strech

I was streching manually today after a nice shower, and i felt the lig tear when i was streching just like a poping sound really, is this health afterwards my dick looked a little bit smaller is this right.


If it was just a popping sound…then you just experienced a lig pop. There are nothing wrong with these. I get lig pops almost every time I stretch. But if you felt a tear, and you are in alot of pain, then go see a doctor.

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nah it didnt hurt just felt wierd, can it make your dick shrink cus i need to go the other way :)

yeah, I hate lig pops too, so I’m careful to avoid them whenever possible (by watching the position of my base while stretching, since I’m most prone to pop in the A-stretch). A tear is a different animal altogether. You would have serious pain and discoloration (due to bleeding).

I doubt you “tore” anything.

After doing ligament stretches, sometimes by doing a few light jelqs is beneficial. This is what I do.

Ligament pops is something I have yet to experience. I do, however, experience, while stretching, along the lines of feeling an extension, like a relieving sensation in the ligaments. It’s almost a soft but controlled extension.

If you pull a ligament, you would definitely feel a lot of pain!

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