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length first then girth?

length first then girth?

It seems to me that length is easier than girth. Is this the norm? Do you guys think it is counter productive trying to achieve both at the same time or would it be more effective focusing on one or the other? I also bodybuild and I know they are really not the same thing, but I can see how some bodybuilding principles can apply. When I focus on getting bigger muscles I go heavier and use lower reps. When I focus on getting cut I go lighter, faster and use higher reps. So I focus one thing at a time, size or cuts. Should I focus on length until I’m satisfied then focus on girth? I’m looking to gain inch in both length and girth.

Hey jaji

Most would tell you on a subject like this to do a search, because there are tons of info on it. But it is pretty simple so I’ll try to help.

Length before girth is the traditional method, now for some girth is much more obtainable than length. So they might go for girth first, like myself I work day and night trying to get length but can’t. So even though they say gaining more girth first will inhibit your length gains. I said what the hell I’m not gaining any length anyway, and I know I gain girth easier than length.

So to make a long story short, go for length first or it will be much more difficult later.:spin:

Without getting into details I think you should work both L and G simultaneously.

About weightlifting;
lighter weights more reps does NOT make you cut or ripped, that is an old myth. You continue to build mass and create the Bruce Lee look with the balance of energy intake and how much you burn.


Pan, I was just giving an example. I know that getting lean is more of a result of diet. During caloric and carb depletion it is difficult to increase muscle mass.

Jaji, I understand, good, just that some people still believe in that old myth, the same way as the misconception about burning fat on the stomach by doing situps :-)

Even if I dont know if max muscle gain can be made on a “light” diet, it is very possible to gain strength and mass at the same time as fat reduction. It´s very important with the timing of the meals though.

Happy PEing!


burning fat off the stomach

Hey Pan

Well what is the best way to burn off fat, in the stomach area. Because I do situps all day and night to improve sixpack. But feel like I need something else to burn off a tiny amount of fat.

We all have different genes that control where we store fat.
Most of us have the most (talking men here) at the hips, but and stomach.

If you want to reduce the fat on/in the body you have to change the balance between the calories you eat and how much you burn.

Best is to have control on what you eat, not counting the specific calories but elminating certain foods and reduce the amount of some.

The best way is to reduce crappy food which is processed and contain lots of saturated fats. Food high in carbs are also good to avoid as this is the biggest cause of weight gain. Fat are ok as long as it is the right fat and consumed with balance.

Fish filet, chicken filet + vegetables, preferably leafy greens.
Some fruits, preferably low sugar content and low glycemic index value. This is a very good “diet” to get the bodys normal state of fatbalance.

A simple way if you need to eat with family at night could be this;

Only raw fresh fruits, vegetables and a small amount of nuts and seeds all day long, ending the day with a “normal” dinner. Dinner should be a healthy one without fatty sauces and such. No meals three hours min before bedtime.

Controling the bodys fat and muscle balance is easy once the basics are understood :-)


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