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Johan is a believer now! JAI


I don’t see anything wrong doing JAIs (or any other form of stretching) more than once a day. If I think it more carefully, I’d say that it is better to do like three sessions of 3*15’s. That will surely keep the ligaments really loose (**people who do gymnastics, probably stretch even a lot more - how flexible are they?! not talking about penis ;) ), even if I think that one day off/ week wouldn’t do any harm.

To me JAIs have always been just a part of cooling down process, even if I’ve probably got most of my gains from em (once a day + few toilet stretches).

EDIT: You could replace one 3*15 set doing 5 minutes of continuous JAIing. Some people have reported good gains doing JAIs in this way.

Keep gaining! :jelq:

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At this point in my life, I have real privacy issues, so I am gong to try to do some of these until I can get on a more consistent schedule of DLD Blasters with hanging.

Great thread, great link to runners world, and thanks for lending your knowledge!!


Hey Johan do you think I can I get away with ONLY doing JAIs for stretching?

I’ve only been into PE for about 2 months now and was doing V stretches before which I never got any noticeable difference from plus always had paranoia that I was going to split my dick in two (and before that I just did seated stretches which made my head sore as hell and I never felt like I was getting anywhere with those).

The one thing that really makes me believe that JAI is the only thing that is working so far for me is the visual evidence I see after I’m done with my JAI exercise, where my penis (in flacid state of course) always visually appears to be a bit longer for about 10 - 15 minutes, just like how when I’m done jelqing the girth looks bigger as well for about 10 - 15 minutes. These visual appearances that come up after exercises really have been the only factor I’ve used to determine whether or not I did a good work out since I never get sore from exercises and never have had any severe bruises.

Basically what I’m trying to ask from you here is that JAIs have so far been the only length exercise I’ve felt comfortable doing and have visually noticed something happening directly after the exercises (unlike all the other manual stretching ones I’ve tried), and was wondering what you think about someone ONLY doing JAIs for length? Sound like a good idea, or do you believe JAIs alone are simply not enough to lengthen the ligaments?

(This kinda makes me wonder though… how do I know that these post visual length appearances I’m seeing aren’t just a result of me getting a little turned on by JAI through its 2 second on/off stimulation and not actually a fatigued work out appearance?)

Good question… Johan, any thoughts here?

Originally posted by j384
Hey Johan do you think I can I get away with ONLY doing JAIs for stretching? …


From my experience the answer is plain and simple YES. I did get almost my all length gains when I was doing only JAIs for stretching and some jelquing as well.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

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My 2cm (cents)..

I think the answer is Yes. Check my progress thread and you’ll see that I had a HUGE increase doing just that. Now, admittedly I’ve not really done much of anything since then. More that I am at that stage where I am feeling pretty good about everything. But that’s me..

I anticipate that if I can go back to this and keep it up for a month straight then I’ll have another significant increase.

Note that the only thing I did during this time was JAI stretches. No hanging, no jelqing. Hot H20 warmup and warmdown. Simple.

a comment on appearance

I personally have to watch it with my JAIs and time it out right. Otherwise I get wood after too much stretching. After about three minutes it is out of control. So I do 5 sets of 3 minutes (on/off for 3 minutes).

Now, I do know that you will see a good, honest flaccid increase when you start doing JAI’s. In fact, huge. By the second day you should notice it (like, when you are getting in the shower). I am not sure why it’s this way because I don’t recall simple manual stretching doing that, but maybe because I always did simple manual stretching and jelqing together and attributed the flaccid increase to jelqing?

Re: Something going on...

Originally posted by Johan
Mo Off
Tu am. JAI-stretches // pm. 15min jelquing + Squeezes + AIS’ and a few V-stretches
We am. JAIs // pm. 25min jelquing + AIS’
Th Off
Fr am. JAIs // pm. 15min jelquing + Squeezes + AIS’ and a few V-stretches
Sa am. JAIs // pm. 20min jelquing + AIS’
Su am. JAIs // pm. 30min jelquing + Squeezes + V-stretches for 10mins

Rest days aren’t completely PE-free. Do some stretching if I have number 1. It doesn’t harm recovery process, thats what I believe.
I’m not quitting yet ;) [/B]

Just a note for me.. This was the routine I followed when I did get almost all of my gains. Planning to start something pretty similar soon if I just can find some time and privacy. Maybe two workouts a day is a good thing to do (AM and PM). Any thoughts?

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I started gaining again after a long plateau when I changed my routine to have two workouts a day. DLD is doing the same with his Jump Start program.

I was very happy when I saw the gains after about a month of doing am and pm workouts and thought I was on to the secret of how to keep gaining, only to find that the next month I didn’t gain at all. I feel that after of month of doing it, it either became over exercising or that my penis has got used to it and so less affected by it.

My conclusion was that two workouts a day is good for a while, then you have to change again. Or in other words - I think that the key word for me is “change”. As you know, I wrote about this in the Doing PE on an Irregular Basis thread.

Now I vary: sometimes 2 workouts a day, sometimes 1, sometimes 3 days in a row, sometimes 2, sometimes 1 day off, sometimes 3. Random pattern.

Haven’t measured yet, but it feels good. I feel I’m on the right track.

JAI stretches

Hmmm…I’m not getting the same result from you guys with the flaccid penis. My extended state in flaccid only lasts less than 1 minute. After that it gets small again. I get the same result if I do static stretches for 30 seconds.

Hey, remember this quote from Toms old site? Sounds a lot like AI stretches….

“I am 33, and I know of penis enlarging methods since I was a teenager. It used to be a “secret” …. A boy would say “I think my penis is small…” and the good friend’s advice would be “Then why don’t you pull it out?”. We had no idea were this method came from and we had no idea what an average penis would be. No one ever tried to make money from nobody. We just transferred this knowledge as we had learned it from other older boys…. One would strech his penis in a semierect condition by pulling it outwards, streching it “till it hurts”…. This had results and I hadn’t heard of anyone dissapointed…. We did that streching in no particullar order and no particular program. The more the reps, the more the results…”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Warming up...

Hey Johan I’m gonna be going on a short vacation next week over the new year and I’m probably not going to have much privacy or time up there to perform my routine the way I normally do.

I was wondering though…would it be okay if I just did JAIs without warming up while I’m on the vacation? I definitely won’t jelq cause the hell if I’m gonna bring this lube with me lol. Or should you always warm up before JAIs and I shouldn’t bother doing them unless I have enough to time to warm up/cool down?

Gonna be pretty tough time doing all that in the middle of a vacation…I hope I can get away with just doing JAIs without warming up or cooling down…


If you don’t have time for hotwraps/routine next week just do toilet stretches after you have urinated (maybe 10-15 reps * everytime you urinate). Peeing gives some kind of warm up anyway ;) Hope you see some flaccid changes after that week. I also have to confess that I don’t always (usually though) do h/ws when stretching… Lazy me…

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Re: Johan

Originally posted by Braker

My conclusion was that two workouts a day is good for a while, then you have to change again. Or in other words - I think that the key word for me is “change”. As you know, I wrote about this in the Doing PE on an Irregular Basis thread.


I completely agree with you. Maybe one way to look at PE would be to do on- and “off”-months. For example you’d work lot for two months, and then rest for at least month. Then… start again that hard working.

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great stuff!

i am really new and only started PEing this week, just a question, as i pull rather fast with JAI’s, and i do my routine in the shower, what should i use to get friction? should i just hold harder?( i don’t want to damage anything) maybe a washcloth? have any of the rest of you had a problem with this? I find he’s a slippery fellow in the shower and i am afraid of squeezing him too tight will somehow harm the glans.


Much love and good luck,



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