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Johan is a believer now! JAI

Very interesting

May be just what I need. So you hold the stretch for 2 seconds then release for 2 seconds,… but how many repetitions and how many sets in the am and in the pm sessions? Maybe you should try doing them in different directions. I am going to try them since this may solve teh problem of my hands getting tired from holding positions manualy for minutes at a time.

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joe seven: Right. About 2 secs, release for 2 secs - at least. I pull my weenie straight forward (pretty hard) and do circular motion with my hand when stretched. Sometimes I also use “free hand” and put it close to base (OK-sign) to feel the stretch in shaft better. Sets are anything from 2*10 to 3*15.. Whatever I am willing to do at the mo - No specific pattern.

I can’t say if that gain is because of these stretches, but first time I noticed gain (not official for me) since doing AI-stretches.

javelin: I don’t feel any major soreness. I’d rather describe that I’ve got the feeling that ligs are working out.

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Before you started AI stretching were you doing all that jelqing with no gains? Why arent you sure they are official gains? do you do the 2 sec on and 2 sec off for your v-stretching?

Joe: I did jelq, jelq, jelq and so on… for 3 months with no gains. These gains aren’t official (yet) because there wasn’t 24 hours (under 20) after last session. I just measured because there was ruler on the table and I just came from shower… :) V-stretches - pretty much the same, trying to keep it down to 2 secs.

Ps. Thunder, would you change name of this thread to: something gained ;)

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I tried these this morning and didnt know exactly what to expect since it sounds like so little. Its not heh. As long as you make each 2 seconds intense as you can. I did 3 sets of 15 which took 7 minutes and one of my ligs poped and then I felt it for atleast half hour after I finished. Dunno if thats good but we’ll see if I start gaining.

Glad to hear you are feeling something. Lets keep the faith! I’ve also changed my jelquing ways a little - so I would like to describe how i do my jelquing nowadays. I do about 1 to 1½ sec fast and pretty intense jelqs (palms up-as always..) with lube and erection is about 40-50% (in the end of my session only about 20-30%). In the beginning I used to jelq about 70-80% erect and now I’m trying to keep my jelqs more stretchy-type ie. when jelquin hand reaches glans I make a very shot stretch (<1 sec). It’s pretty easy to do when the head has swell up. So I swear to stretching now ;)

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I pulled a little too hard I thing and my lig hurts a littel at the attachement point. I am taking time off from it for now, but post your results. Thought you were measuring officialy today?

Joe, I did, check the progress reports section!

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When doing these AI stretches, do you flex your PC or other muscles?

I’m trying to understand what you’re doing. Do you flex during the stretches, between stretches, or not flex at all and just try to stay relaxed the whole time?

BTW, congratulations on your gains. I gained an honest BP’d full inch in the early months of PEing, but haven’t made progress for 4 months now. It can sure get frustrating, but I’m not about to give up.

This is great! Johan, like you, I did 3 months of jelquing, with little or no results. So I ordered a bib hanger in July and started hanging. In 3 weeks of hanging, I gained 1/4” length. I tried your AI stretches, and I get the same feeling in my ligs that I get hanging! Really good theory, nice investigative work Johan, and thanks for sharing it!! I’m going to add your AI stretches to my routine, in the mornings, and hang at night. Thanks again, and best of luck to you!

P.S. In my experimenting, I’ve found that doing a reverse kegel (flexing abs like I’m trying to pee really hard), increases the intensity of the stretch - it that what you meant by pulling in abs? If not, give the reverse kegel a try and let me know what you think please).

Hey, and thank you neuro!

Well this is an issue that has to be solved (if it isn’t yet). I’m not 100% sure what muscle you should flex when you’re stretching, because AI stretches are actually for muscle stretches, but I think we're also stretching PC-muscles as we stretch ligs too -> So, I’m not convinced that it is a good thing to flex PC’s, but I’m also an amateur here even I brought this thing up… I’m doing these stretches that way I described above (flex ABS to make PC loser… my theory..), maybe someone proves a better theory, but I’m happy with these gains already! :) Isn’t it unbelievable that you can feel the same with this little work compared to hanging..

Lets keep gaining!!!

PS. I’ve had a few beers so I’m not probably on my most objective mood or so… :)

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Johan - ok, I see your point about loosening the PC muscles. I’m going to try it with reverse kegels for a while and see what happens. This is a great thing for days when I can’t do my hanging (biz trips, etc.)!

Good luck!

….only a few beers? In about 4 hours, I’m going straight to the scotch! :)

Hey guys!

Have any of you who have tried AIS noticed any gains? Hope that I’m not the only one… I keep on doing them and unofficially broke 17cm EBPL barrior yesterday. Joe, have you recovered?

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I have pretty much recovered but I still have a small little tender spot which I will wait for it to go away. I was measuring and I may have gained something from only one week and just not have noticed. I will measure again.


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