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Johan is a believer now! JAI

Hope it works for you glanzino. Nice to see guys using the search function. :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hi eamaruand thank you.

Have you tried this method?

I started jai stretch since I have not gained any thing in length after my newbie one inch gain.

I hope it will work. I reverse kegel during stretch and I kegel during release. I feel a lot stronger stretch in my ligaments when I reverse kegel.

Buu I think 3*15 is not enough so probably I will do am and pm.

take care

Originally Posted by mgus
Question / observation from a soon to be 3-month newbie:

I didn’t remember the JAI-video correctly, and misunderstood the part shown placing the forefinger and middlefinger by the base (see the video) - also I didn’t have time to read and remember, so when I first tried them out I got them all wrong. But it seems to be not an entirely bad misunderstanding, here’s what I did:

I place forefinger and middlefinger in a V-sign over the base with my left hand (switch hands as you want) and with the right hand pull up a little skin along the shaft. Then I press down around the base and stretch my unit with a OK-grip just under the glans. Now what then happens (to me at least) is that I feel tissue connected to my shaft and connected to my pubic area wanting to “lift” the fingers on my left hand - I take it that these are the ligs? The harder the pull, the harder I need to press against my base to keep them down. Now if I don’t do the V-sign against my base, I can see the tissue “lift” the skin, and if I then do the V-sign again I feel that the tissue is not part of the shaft itself, since it connects off to the side. I kind have to readjust the V-sign abit to get this exercise right, to feel that I am keeping the tissue taut. If I don’t pull up a little extra skin on my shaft before locking down the V-sign, stretching seems to target the skin between the glans and shaft, which is not comfortable since I am circumsized.

Since I misunderstood the entire scheme I’ve done static stretches in this fashion on and off for 2 weeks now, and it seems to me now that if I stretch without the V-sign, I can feel the shaft itself being pulled from the base - no ligs (?) involved (this is slightly downwards) and I can then strecth my unit approx 1/4 inch longer than when I hold the V-sign against the base and keep the ligs taut. Also it feel as if I’m slowly pulling my dick out of the pubic bone, so to speak.

My understanding - correct me here - is that by keeping the V-sign pressure to the sides of the base (or just at the top of the shaft for stretching down, or at either side for stretchin sideways) I isolate the ligs (this tissue must be the ligs?). And this would then be beneficial, since one could more easily work first the ligs, then the shaft itself?

Although I’ve only done this a short time (and consider replacing it with JAI or combine it with the JAI) I still get the impression that I can just kind of pull my flaccid unit out an inch or so and it kind of stays in that elongated state at least for a while (no real scientific observations done). So flaccid lenght seems to be improved a little, and as for the actual stretching it simply feels more efficient.

Comments gratefully accepted.

Best regards,


- starting at 14,5 cm ebpl (although I have distinct memories of 15+ in younger years)
- currently at ~16
- target was 17,5 (7”), currently under reconsideration

Mgus, how did this stretch end up working for you? Lead to discernible gains?

I started doing these after each time i urinate. 1 set X 15 repetitions. Anybody else have success with JAI stretches?

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

I like to know this also :) And do you do jai stretches throughout the day or just 3x20 directly?

Anyone? And are you suppose to stretch outwards? Up?

I just started this method last week. I stretch in all directions. Though I feel it most when I stretch down and to the sides. I will continue for at least this month, then measure and see what, if anything, has happened.

Originally Posted by birchy
I just started this method last week. I stretch in all directions. Though I feel it most when I stretch down and to the sides. I will continue for at least this month, then measure and see what, if anything, has happened.

Keep me posted! :) Good luck

Hey, since Ivjust started doing JAI stretches I would like to know your opinion on the folowing 4 questions:

1. Do I have to feel it in the ligs already after the first/second workout or will the lis-feeling come when training days add up?

2. So the best way to isolate the ligs is to do a reverse kegel or a kegel..?

3. And what about doing (reverse-) kegels doing before the workout, so there is no/less tuckback anymore?

4. A nice warmup with an IR-lamp should be great for the ligs also, wouldn`t it?

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I’d like to revive this thread. I haven’t read through the whole thing but I believe it is the birth of the JAI stretch.

On that note.. I’d like to know about other peoples results with the JAI. Please share you results and experiences. My theory is that this might be a great way to add length with minimum work.

Please share you results, techniques and pointers.

Looking for any gains that I can get.... Length or Girth

Sept ‘17: 5-3/4” BPEL X 4-1/8” MSEG

Now: 6-3/8” BPEL X 4-1/2” MSEG

Yea I don’t know if anyone is still on this thread but I am experiencing these problems as well!

So I will give it a shot and I will let everyone know about it on my thread!

The JAI Technique - Origins and Science

After reading through all of this thread I’ll be summarizing some of what I learned in a new thread. The JAI technique has some very interesting points and is based on very solid science. This is a technique that can be used by hard gainers and newbies alike.

If you are interested in learning more about the JAI stretch please follow my profile to locate this thread. It will probably take a couple of days to put this thread together.

Looking for any gains that I can get.... Length or Girth

Sept ‘17: 5-3/4” BPEL X 4-1/8” MSEG

Now: 6-3/8” BPEL X 4-1/2” MSEG

Hey I started doing JAI’s. 3x15set, two times everyday. Started today. If I gain, I let you know.

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But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Yea I am starting to implement JAI into my warm ups so I will let everybody know on my thread

Three days in with incorporating JAI’s into my routine.

I have hit my 3 month mark and wanted to slowly add these to my routine. So far I think I have noticed a looser/more relaxed feeling flaccid. I stopped gaining length after my intake first 6 weeks of start date so I think these will help unlock some length gains, we shall see.

Wanted to rebirth this thread since I think these are very valuable for any newbie to learn about.

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